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10 best outsourching site 2022 – Recommended by peoples


Fiverr allows you to hire freelancers for a minimum of $5 and a maximum of $500 per task. All prices are in multiple of five and are per project only. You can browse through a range of set services, including graphics, programming, digital marketing, and business tasks like data entry, project management, and legal consulting.

Fiverr is the world’s largest marketplace to hire freelancers for your projects, irrespective of the niche or industry you operate in. It gives you an access to millions of gigs from millions of freelancers providing services at unbeatable prices.

You get to choose from over 3 million gigs in 150 service categories starting at just $5 and provided by freelancers residing in over 200 countries. It is the directory of Freelancers.

Every client gets to rate and review the freelancer he has worked with. This gives more confidence to you being a future client as you get to know how happy/unhappy his previous clients are with his work.


Some design services want to do everything for you, from design to printing, web hosting, social media marketing, to dog walking and cat bathing (not really, no one wants to bathe cats). 99designs, on the other hand, offers a tightly-focused experience, and I find that refreshing. 99designs provides two primary services for design clients: contests and individual hiring.

I went with the contest, of course, so I could gauge the design skills of multiple designers in a short time.

With a large number of designers on the website, there’s also a large variety of design styles, as you can see if you browse through the logo samples. This means you’re going to end up with a fair bit of variety with your submissions. It also depends, of course, on the plan you pay for, with higher tiers providing a higher number of submissions for you to browse.

It generally takes around a week to complete your design, that is, if you follow your contest closely and don’t ask for too many revisions in the final round (which lasts three days for a logo contest). During that final round, you can basically ask for as many revisions that your designers can/are willing to handle.

After the final round, the designer may be willing to perform a few small adjustments for free. Drastic adjustments will cost you more, as they should. The key, as usual, is to ask nicely. And that’s easy enough, as you can contact designers directly from a general messaging center (more on that later), and from the screen where you process and rate contest entries.



Founded in 1998 (as, is one of the most sought after freelance marketplace.
Programmers & developers, designers & artists, writers & translators, sales & marketing gurus, admins & secretaries, engineers & architects, business & finance gurus, and lawyers; lets you find and hire from over 3 million freelancers worldwide.
The platform even has safe and easy payment options which lets you to:
    pay by milestones,
    pay by task,
    pay by hour, or
    pay using recurring payments.


Unlike other outsourcing websites, FreeUp pre-vets freelancers before it allows them to join the platform. The site says it recruits only 1 percent of freelancers it interviews, which ensures the work is always high quality. Nonetheless, prices are reasonable, ranging from $5 to $75 an hour.
After you request a project, FreeUp will pair you with an appropriate freelancer within 24 hours. There are also account managers available for guidance with your project.
Best for: times when you’re concerned about quality or want support choosing freelancer.

06. PeoplePerHour

Despite its name, PeoplePerHour allows you to pay either an hourly rate or a fixed rate. Its distinguishing feature from most other outsourcing websites is that you can contract workers for both virtual and onsite work. Plus, it allows you to choose between paying in US dollars, Euros, and pounds. To find success on this platform, it’s important to communicate well with your freelancer before you start working together.


A tech team for your marketing. Airfleet helps you to ship your marketing campaigns faster with an coding team available on-demand.
What separates Airfleet from other coder outsourcing companies is that this company is focused only on marketing. They create websites, handle the SEO, integrate marketing tools, and even create promotional games and applications.


Upwork is a global freelancing platform where savvy businesses and professional freelancers connect and collaborate. The company has over 2 million skilled freelancers from around the world providing services in 100s of service categories.
Upwork lets you post your project with the requirements on the website. It then matches the projects with the list of freelancers that specialize in that field of work and shortlist the likely candidates for you.
It also gives you an option to search for different freelancers on the website and choose them as you like. The freelancers can also view your job and submit their proposal to you.


Toptal is a rapidly growing network of the top 3% of the most thoroughly screened, talented freelancers in the world. You can hire top developers, designers, and financial experts on Toptal.

Unlike Upwork, freelancers can’t apply to your job, they’re only assigned to the job which the company thinks they are most suitable for.

Since Toptal focuses on providing you the best freelancers in the world, the platform is a bit pricey as compared to other platforms and there is even a mandatory deposit of at least $500 before they start looking for a freelancer for your project.

10.Creative Market

4.8 million users trust Creative Market for handcrafted design content. You too can choose creative market for designer fonts, icons, graphics, vectors, WordPress themes,  stock photos, website & print templates, and other ready-to-use designs and digital goods.

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10 best outsourching site 2022 – Recommended by thousand of peoples

01.Fiverr Fiverr allows you to hire freelancers for a minimum of $5 and a maximum …

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