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Grammar Part:
গ্রামার অংশের কোনো সাজেশন হয় না ।  সাধারণত NCTB নির্ধারিত গ্রামার হতে এই আইটেম গুলি পরিক্ষায় দেয়।     
1. Fill in the gap -
with clue/without clue
2. Fill in the gap with suitable word -
with clue/without clue
4.Right form of verb
6.Changing Sentence
7.Completing Sentence
8.Tag question
9.Suffixes - Prefixes
তবে গ্রামার নিয়ে যাদের খুব বেশি সমস্যা তারা (Rapid-Grammar) সাইট'টি অনুশীলন করতে পারেন বেশ কিছু গ্রামাটিকাল আইটেম ভালো করে সহজ ভাবে দেওয়া আছে ।

Written Part
Curriculum vitae
01.Write a CV for the post of an Assistant teacher/Lecturer / English teacher (99%)
02.Write a CV for the post of Computer operator
03.Write a CV for the post of Bank official (99%)
04.Write a CV for the post of Account officer (99%)
05.Write a CV for the post of Salesman / Marketing officer
06.Write a CV for the post of Area manager (99%)
07.Write a CV for the post of Librarian

Suppose you are Sunny and write an E-mail to your brother / friend / father / anyone about -
01.Preparation for SSC examination (99%)
02.Importance of physical exercise (99%)
03.Benefits of learning computer
04.Thanking for birthday party
05.Thanking for hospitality
06.Describe about your country (99%)
07.Condolence of father death
08.About an exciting football match (99%)
09.Visiting a historical place
10.Lifestyle of Bangladeshi people (99%)

Formal letter
write an application to your Headmaster / Chairman / Officer / anyone -
01.Permission to go on a study tour (99%)
02.For increasing common room facilities (99%)
03.For a testimonial
04.For opening a debating club / computer club / language club (99%)
05.Relief goods for the flood victims
06.For construction of bridge
07.For setting up a canteen (99%)
08.Seat in the school hostel

01.Your school library
02.School magazine (99%)
03.Traffic jam
04.Our national flag
05.Drug addiction (99%)
06.The life of a farmer (99%)
07.A street accident
08.A day laborer
09.Tree plantation (99%)
10.Food Adulteration
11.A street hawker
12.A book fair (99%)
13.Environment pollution
14.A tea stall

01.The season I like most (99%)
02.Physical exercise
03.Aim in life (99%)
04.Wonder of modern science
06.The game I like most
07.Duties of a student (99%)
08.Population problem in Bangladesh
10.Your hobby
11.Childhood memories (99%)
12.A journey by boat / train

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