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Top Ten Android apps can make your education easier > Best 10 Android apps for education

These ten Android applications can make your reading easier. Those who regularly use Android mobile should be familiar with ten applications. The current age is the age of technology, so it is very difficult to find a person who does not have an Android mobile. Many people have a smart phone, so it is important to know some of the good aspects of it, not just use it as a means of entertainment. Today I will introduce you to the ten necessary mobile applications that will make your daily education system more flexible and easy. These ten apps are very important for every student or university student or job seeker. Get acquainted (gain, obtain) with present-day techniques that you already know. But those who do not know about the application can take a look -

1. Google keep

The first thing that can be said about Google Keep is that it is a great site or application made by Google, no matter what it says, it is really great.
How does Google Keep work?
Google Keep is a Google site and it's completely free. And anyone can use it if they want it to be open to everyone.
Google Keep's Android application is quite popular.
Its actual work can be used as an alternative to diaries or notes.
If you want, you can store your necessary writings here. The biggest advantage is that you will be logged into the Google account, these writings will be automatically saved in that account, so there will be no fear of losing any documents. The next time you sign in to your account on any other mobile or anywhere in the world and re-launch Google Keep, you will be able to see those writings in the same condition.
There are a lot of things you can collect here, such as all the necessary written statements or preparatory reading notes, as well as links to the picture website, etc. can be collected here.
Benefits of using Google Keep -
✓A free access
✓You can use it in any situation like visiting Android app or site.
✓ Using a smartphone does not slow down
✓ Very easy to use
✓ There is no fear of losing necessary information
✓ 99% secure and no fear of data theft 
✓ You can view your information from anywhere in the world 
✓ The information is stored online so you can share it with others
✓ It may be much more necessary for those who participate in competitive exams You can easily install the application from the Play Store at any time
✓ After including the information you need, it is auto-saved so there is no problem to save again and again. Ad-free application.

2. Google translate

Secondly,it can be Google Translator because it is an invention of Google which is really great, may be if any other organization had made it, it would have demanded a certain amount of money to use. But Google has made it completely free for everyone.
What is the function of Google Translator ?
As you can see from the word translator, its main function is to translate from one language to another, now you may be wondering how it can be used for teaching. Of course, in our education system, English has been recognized as an international language in all education systems in the world, so we all have to learn English.

There are many people who are quite weak in English for them Google Translator may be very necessary.
But how?
Since the job of Google Translator is to translate from one language to another, you can easily translate the required sentence from your mother tongue into English.
While we are learning English, we spend a lot of time creating words and searching for meanings. Sometimes it takes a long time to find them. Moreover, the teacher will not always be sitting next to you, so you can use Google Translator to see the meaning of the words you need in a short time.
Google Translator is available here in almost all the languages ​​of the country but especially from Bengali to English or from English to Bengali using it you can gain special skills in English.
Maybe using it will not solve your problem completely but you will find partial or more problems from here.
There are several benefits to Google Translator
✓ Completely free
✓ Convert sentences from Bengali to English in a very short time
✓ In addition to manual typing, you can also translate voice stand
✓ Can copy translated sentences
✓ You can convert text from any image using Google Translator application
✓ There is no complication of use
✓ It takes less time
✓ Completely safe

 3. Google drive

Many people are familiar with the name Google drive and you may have used it.
Do you know how to use this Google Drive?

Google Drive is a great discovery made by Google. It is completely online storage as well as secure.
Let's find out now what Google Drive can be used for -
✓ Google Drive can usually upload all the information you need, such as: photos, videos, documents, PDF, etc.
✓ You can share uploaded files with everyone else
✓ Since it is online storage, it can be used as an alternative to Google Drive hosting.
✓ Students will be able to upload all the required documents or scanned copy, CV, bio data, etc. here and view it from any end later.
✓ Google Drive is open to everyone and completely free

4. Gmail

In today's world, about 80 to 90 percent of the world's Gmail-dependent people use Google's Gmail service.

All of Google's products are almost 100 percent secure and very fast. In this case, the Gmail service is no different, it is also completely secure and fast.
How a student can use the Gmail service -
 Students will be able to send their required information to someone else using Gmail
• Can easily send school or college assignments or homework or any project
 Job seekers submit their applications using Gmail.
You can do almost all kinds of work online with a Gmail account
• It is a free open service for all

5. Wikipedia

Many people have heard of the Wikipedia site name and may have used it. The site is truly a treasure trove of knowledge. Any type of information from any country in the world is available here. Just search will come out. 

There are many languages in the world, you can see what you need in your own language. This is an impeccable creation for all students around the world. Wikipedia has a great role to play in expanding one's knowledge.
From history to the current world, technology, entertainment, etc. all kinds of information can be found here.

6. 10 Minute School

Many people living in Bangladesh will have heard the word ten minute school. It is currently the largest and most popular educational application and website in the country.
Here basically all the problems related to education are solved. If you want, you can sit at home and continue the necessary educational activities.
There are a lot of tutors here so you can take lessons as per your need. You will also have the opportunity to donate lessons as a teacher.
What are the main benefits of this application -
✓ Online live classes
✓ Participate in the teaching of more than one teacher
✓ To receive necessary education at home
✓ It is open and free for everyone
✓ It can be quite effective for competitive testing

7. Google doc

MS Office Application or MS Word, Excel Many are familiar with these, but there are many who do not yet know very well about the Google Doc relationship, how do you see it work?
Google Doc is a lot like MS Office application but it is a complete online application software, it is open to everyone and free.
What can you do with Google Doc ?
✓ Writing like MS Office application software can be done with Google Doc, the only difference is that it is online based. Due to which the files will be automatically saved online in your signed Google account.
✓ You can do Excel work on Google Doc site and save documents online.
✓ Students can easily collect their text through Google and share it with others if necessary.
✓ Google.doc is very popular with people who work in that organization because it is like an online based full MS Word software.

8. Byju's the learning app

Buy Juice Learning App is basically an Indian mobile application where all kinds of educational lessons and reading related topics are available.
Although our education system is not similar to their education system, only English subjects can be studied from here.

9. SlideShare

You can easily upload and save any type of PDF using the Slide Share app or website. In addition, you can see the PDFs uploaded by others. Only PDF files are available here and these are of different types. PDF files related to any preparatory exam or higher education can be easily found here.
You can also upload your own PDF files here and publish them. If you need your PDF file, you can gain popularity very quickly.
It is also very easy to promote your own website here.
It's a lot safer and more educational than social sites.

10. India bix

This is mainly for those who are participating in regular competitive exams. It can be helpful for such job exams or university admission exams.
Here you will find math problems as well as solutions. You can take the model test using the IndiaBix website application. Competitive test scores are beautifully presented here. It is made in full English language which will not be a problem to use.
For whom it is more useful -
✓ Those who regularly participate in job examinations
✓ Those who will participate in the competitive examination
✓ Those who have a fair amount of mathematical knowledge can use it
✓ Those who regularly participate in bank examinations

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