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Student Hacks By Ayman Sadiq & Sadman Sakib

Author: Ayman Sadiq & Sadman Sakib
Genre: Motivational Books
Category: Novels
Publisher: Adhyayan Prakashan
Total Pages: 152 Pages
File Size: 15.00 MB
File Source : Google drive
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The Student Hacks book can be a huge inspiration for all new students. The book provides guidelines for your daily reading. The book is written by Ayman Sadiq and Sadman Sadiq. The Student Hacks book is a guide to highlighting and applying how to make the learning process quick, easy and enjoyable.

A brief introduction to the book
You have heard a lot of advice online, the elders have said a lot, but for some unknown reason, there is no progress in the study. In fact, to tell the truth, you now know what to do to get good results. If you are asked to write a paragraph or essay on the subject of how to do well in the exam for 10 marks in the exam, then you can come up with a storm that is as inconsistent as your results. At the end of the day, you know exactly the tricks of the study, you have to make regular notes, you have to understand .....
But even knowing for yourself why the results have been bad or why you do not like to do? Because maybe you don't have a specific goal or you don't have a clear plan. Or you may know everything, but some methods are wrong. And this book is about how to fix these things.

If you notice, we will see, but we did not say the strategy to do well in exams or how to arrange a good university or how to be first in class. Student Hacks Baudi is a guide to highlighting and applying how to make the study process quick, easy and enjoyable. Because once you have fun with the process of learning about us, if you can feel the joy of learning once, then it is a matter of time to get a good result in the first class or get a chance.

We will take care but we will never ask you to work day and night. Rather, this book is about learning as fast as you can. If I read after half an hour, why would I sit in a chair for a victory hour and give it like a chicken? Where it is annoying to read for more than half an hour but if you finish reading with half an hour four times a day, will you ever feel annoyed?

In fact, curiosity is one of the greatest blessings of our lives. The immense joy of learning and the extraordinary journey of learning that no one has ever presented to us. So millions of students grow up to hate learning and one day this hatred will come later on strategies which should never happen.

We have the privilege of having the joy of learning. We want to share with you his joy through the report. We want you to finish the absolute and personal exercises that you like in the book. When all the cards are finished, at the end of the book, you will have made your own one year plan.
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