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Recent General Knowledge For Bank Job Exam

About Padma Bridge In Bangladesh

🕳️ When was the first span of Padma bridge installed ?
Answer: September 30, 2016
🕳️ Where is the last / 41st span placed?
Answer: On the pillars number 12 and 13
🕳️ What is the total length of the bridge?
Ans: 9.30 km (3. 15 km with connecting road)
🕳️ Just how long is the bridge?
Answer: 6.15 km.
🕳️ What are the connecting places?
Answer: Mawa of Munshiganj and Jajira of Shariatpur.
🕳️ When will it be opened for traffic?
Answer: In December 2021.
🕳️ When is the 41st span sitting?
Answer: 10 December 2020
🕳️ What is the total span?
Answer: 41

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🕳️ What is the length of each span?
Answer: 150 meters.
🕳️ What is the overall progress of the project?
Answer: 82.5%
🕳️ How many districts are connected?
Answer: With a total of 29 districts, with 21 districts in the south and southwest.
🕳️ What is the total number of pillars?
Answer: 42
🕳️ How long does it take to place 41 spans?
Answer: 3 years 2 months 10 days.
🕳️ Where is the first span placed?
Ans: On the pillars numbered 37 and 38

Some necessary information about Padma Bridge:

◼️ Necessary Information About Padma Bridge
◼️ The road connecting Padma Bridge at both ends (Jajira and Mawa) is 14 km.
◼️ The Padma Bridge project has 12 km of river management on both banks.
◼️ Work on the Padma Bridge began - in December 2014
◼️ Weight of each span - 3200 tons
◼️ The total cost of the Padma Bridge project (on the main bridge) is Tk 30,793.39 crore.
◼️ The name of the Padma Bridge project is 'Padma Multipurpose Bridge Project'.
◼️ Before that it was the longest road bridge - Jamuna Bridge
◼️ The longest railway bridge in Bangladesh - Hardinge Bridge
◼️ The type of Padma bridge has two floors. The bridge is being built with concrete and steel (the first in the world).
◼️ The name of the company contracted for the construction of Padma Bridge is China Major Bridge Company Limited under China Railway Group Limited.
◼️ About four thousand people are working on the Padma Bridge project.
◼️ The height of Padma bridge is 60 feet from the water level.
◼️ Piling depth of Padma bridge is 363 feet.
◼️ Longest road bridge in Bangladesh - Padma Bridge
◼️ The viaduct of Padma bridge is 3.16 km.
◼️ The total number of pillars of Padma Bridge is 42, span is 41.
◼️ There have been 7 pilings for each pillar. However, due to soil complexity, 22 pillars have been piled up to 6 pillars.
◼️ The world's first longest bridge over the river - the Padma Bridge
◼️ Padma Bridge will have gas, electricity and optical fiber connection transport facilities.
◼️ The railway line is being laid on the Padma bridge through the span.
◼️ The total number of pilings of Padma bridge is 26.
◼️ Construction of Padma Bridge will be completed in December 2021.
◼️ The width of Padma Bridge will be 72 feet, it will have four lane road. Road divider in the middle.
◼️ The length of Padma bridge is 6.15 km.

About the national flag of Bangladesh

Who designed the national flag of Bangladesh or designed the national flag - Kamrul Hasan
Size of national flag - 10: 6
The first national flag of Bangladesh was hoisted on March 2, 1971

Different shapes of the national flag -

Flag shape for use in buildings
10 ft. 6 ft.,
5 feet × 3 feet,
2.5 feet 1.5 feet
Table flag size for use in international and bilateral events
10 inches × 6 inches
Different shapes for use in motor vehicles
15 inches × 9 inches,
10 inches × 6 inches
🕳️ The ratio of the length, width and radius of the red circle in the middle of the flag is 5: 3: 1.

🕳️ How many stars are marked in the monogram of the People's Republic of Bangladesh?
Ans: 4
🕳️ What is the size ratio of the national flag of Bangladesh?
Ans: 5: 3
🕳️ Who was the first to hoist the national flag of Bangladesh?
Ans: A.S.M Abdur Rab (Full Name - Abu Sayed Mohammad Abdur Rab)
🕳️ Is the flag of Bangladesh hoisted for the first time?
Ans: Where is Battala of Dhaka University
🕳️ Who is the composer of war music in Bangladesh?
Ans: Kazi Nazrul Islam
🕳️ Who is the designer of the state monogram of Bangladesh?
Ans: A. N. Saha
🕳️ What are the colors of the national flag of Bangladesh?
Ans: Red and green
🕳️ Who is the designer of the national flag of Bangladesh?
Ans: Kamrul Hasan
🕳️ What is the date of National Flag Hoisting Day?
Ans: March 2
🕳️ Who can hoist the national flag on the only aircraft?
Ans: President and Prime Minister
🕳️ When was the national flag of Bangladesh adopted?
Ans: January 17, 1972
🕳️ Which country's national flag is similar to the national flag of Bangladesh?
Ans: Japanese
🕳️ How many colors are there in the national flag of Bangladesh?
Ans: Two
🕳️ Who designed the map-emblazoned national flag?
Ans: Shiva Narayan Das.
🕳️ What is the color of the national flag of Bangladesh?
Red circle in dark green

Tribes in Bangladesh

✓ Chakma - Rangamati and Khagrachari
✓ Santal - Rajshahi and Dinajpur
✓ Rakhine - Patuakhali 
✓ Pankho - Bandarban
✓ Garo - Mymensingh
✓ Khumi - Bandarban
✓ Manipuri - Sylhet
✓ Tanchanga - Rangamati
✓ Murang - In the deep forest of Bandarban
✓ Cookies - Sajek Valley (Rangamati)
✓ Hoodie - Netrokona
✓ Khasia - Sylhet
✓ Orao - Bogra, Rangpur
✓ Ranjogi - In the deep forest of Bandarban
✓ Marma - Cox’s bazar, Bandarban and Patuakhali
✓ Hajong - Mymensingh and Netrokona
✓ Rajbangshi - Rangpur
✓ Tipra - Khagrachhari, Chittagong Hill Tracts
✓ Lusai - Chittagong Hill Tracts

Important Sculpture in Bangladesh

◻️ National Memorial - Savar
◻️ Jatiya Sangsad Bhaban - Sher-e-Bangla Nagar, Dhaka
◻️ Mujibnagar Memorial - Mujibnagar in Meherpur district
◻️ Rajarbagh Memorial - Gaganbari, Savar
◻️ Martyred Intellectual Memorial - Dhaka Mirpur
◻️ Independence Monument - Dhaka Cantonment
◻️ Central Shaheed Minar - Dhaka Medical College Premises

University of Dhaka

◻️ Freedom Struggle - Fuller Road, Dhaka University
◻️ Invincible Bengali - Dhaka University Kalabhavan
◻️ Raju Bhaskar - Dhaka University TSC premises
◻️ Swami Vivekananda - Jagannath Hall, Dhaka University
◻️ Mother and Child - Mujib Hall, Dhaka University
◻️ Women, Children and Men - Dhaka University
◻️ Farmer Family - National Museum Premises, Dhaka
◻️ Cactus - Dhaka University
◻️ Doyle Square - Dhaka University Curzon Hall
◻️ Joy Bangla Joy Youth - Dhaka University
◻️ Self-acquired independence - Dhaka University TSC premises
◻️ Birds of Peace - TSC, Dhaka University
◻️ Begum Rokeya Sculpture - Rokeya Hall, Dhaka University

Jahangirnagar University

◻️ Secretary - Jahangirnagar University
◻️ Highest Shaheed Minar - Jahangirnagar University
◻️ Amar Ekushey - Jahangirnagar University

University of Chittagong

◻️ Remembrance - Chittagong University
◻️ Memorial - Chittagong University

Jagannath University

◻️ Genocide Sculptor of 1971 - Jagannath University

Islamic University

◻️ Muktabangla - Islamic University
◻️ Agricultural University, Mymensingh
◻️ Sonar Bangla - Agricultural University, Mymensingh
◻️ Patuakhali University of Science and Technology
◻️ Joy Bangla - Patuakhali University of Science and Technology

Khulna University

◻️ Indomitable Bengali - Khulna University
◻️ Durbar Bangla - Khulna University of Engineering and Technology

Rajshahi University

◻️ Sabas Bangladesh - Rajshahi University
◻️ Golden Jubilee Tower - Rajshahi University
◻️ Vidyargha - Rajshahi University


◻️ Flag 71 - Munshiganj
◻️ Suffix 71 - Maulana Bhasani University
◻️ Consciousness 71 - Kushtia
◻️ Vijay 71 - Agricultural University
◻️ Invincible 71 - Thakurgaon
◻️ Flowing 71 - Madaripur
◻️ Mrityunjayi 71 - Srimangal, Moulvibazar
◻️ Dark War 71 - Munshiganj
◻️ Jayata 71 - Eden Women's College

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