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 Interviewee - 1
1. which Bank account pays little or no interest ?
= Current Account .
2. current Account is also known as ?
= Cheque Account .
3. What is devaluation ?
= Devaluation is a reduction in the value of currency with respect to other monetary units . 4. Le or L/C stands for ?
=- letter of Credit .
5.Letter of Credit is issued by ?
= Importer's bank.
6. L/C is a banking instrument used for ?"
= Export- Import.
7. Devaluation is used by a country to --
= Accelerate own export.
8.MoU stands for ?
= Memorandum ofr Understanding .
9.MoU is a legal document agreement describing ?
= A bilateral or multilateral agreement.
10. What is Dividend ' ?
= Dividends are payments made by a company to its shareholders.
11. EVA stands for ?
= Economic Value Added.
12. What is EVA ?
= EVA is the difference between a company's profit and cost of its capital. 13. NOPAT stands for ?
= Net Operating Profit After Taxes .
14. The smallest component of the money supply is ?
= Currency .
15. What is the most important function of money ?
= Exchange .
16. The Capital Market is the financial market for ?
= Long-term funding.
17. capital Market is supplied by ?
= Bonds and equity.
18. T-bills means ?
= Treasury bills.
19.Treasury bills mature in ?
= One year or less.
20. Who can buy treasury bills ?
Commercial Bank.  
Interviewee - 2
1. What is 'Call Money ?
= call money is the money for which repayment can be demanded without notice. 22. The number of workers who are available for work is called ?
= Labor market .
2. E-commerce stands for ?
= Electronic commerce.
3. EDI stands for ?
= Electronic Data interchange .l
4. MNC stands for ?
Multi-National Corporation.
5. MFN stands for ?
= Most favored Nation.
6. What is MFN ?
= MFN is a country which has the best trade terms .
7.The central authority for tax administration in Bangladesh is
= The National Board of Revenue (NBR )
8. ATM stands for ?
= Automated Teller Machine .
9. PIN stands for ?
= personal Identification Number.
10. The ATm was invented by ?
= Scot Jhon Shepherd -Barron .
11. What is 'Exchange Rate ?
= the price of a country's money is relation to another country's money . 33. MRP stands for ?
= Manufacturer's Recommended price / Maximum Retail price.
12. IPO is the term used in ?
Stock market .
13. IPo stands for ?
= Initial public offering .
14. What is IPO ?
= IPO is the first sale of stack by a private company to the public . 37. EFT stands for ?
Electronic Funds Transfer.
15. A system of small loans to the impoverished without requiring collateral is known as ? = Micro-credit.
16. The economy of a whole area or a country is called ?"
= Macro economy.
17. AGM stands for ?
= Annual General Meeting.

Interviewee - 3
1. AIM stands for ?
= Alternative Investment Market .
2. What is nationalization ?
= the taking over of private industry by the state.
3. MFA stands for ?
= Multi-Fibre Arrangement .
4. MFA goes against the
= WTO rules.
5. The direct exchange of goods or services is known as
= Barter.
6. LAFTA stands for ?
= Latin American Free Trade Association .
7. HSBC stands for ?
= The Hongkong and shanghai Banking corporation , based in Hong Kong .,
8. NNP stands for ?
= Net National Product.
9. What is NNP ?
= NNP is a figure showing the gross national product less investment on capital goods and depreciation.
10. NIEO stands for ?
=New International Economic Order.
11. what is Matrix ?
= Matrix is the arrangement of data in horizontal and vertical columns.
12. What is 'Tax ?
= A tax is a financial charge or other levy imposed on an individual or a legal entity by a state or a functional equivalent of a state.
13. Tax has four main purposes or effects:
= redistribution , repricing , representation and revenue.
14. the main purpose of taxation is ?
= Revenue.
15. what kind of tax income tax ?
= Direct tax.

 Interviewee - 4
1. VAT also known as ?
= Goods and Services Tax.
2. Who is the banker of the Government of Bangladesh ?
= Bangladesh bank.
3. The head of Bangladesh Bank is ?
=Governor .
4. The Governor of Bangladesh Bank is ?
= Mr.Fazle Kabir ( 11th)
5. Bangladesh Bank took effect on ?
=16 December 1971 .
6. Bangladesh bank came into existence under ?
= The Bangladesh Bank Order 1972 .
7. Which bank was transfered to Bangladesh Bank ?
= State Bank of Pakistan .
8. Who was the first Governor of Bangladesh Bank ?
= ANM Hamidullah .
9. who controls Bangladesh ?
= Ministry of Finance.
10. Which Ministry controls banking sector in Bangladesh ?
= Ministry of Finance.
11. One and Two taka note issued by ?
= the secretary of Finance.
12. Minimum taxable income in Bangladesh is ?
= 250000 taka.
13. ICB stands for ?
= Investment Corporation of Bangladesh.
14. ICB was established ?
= On 1 October 1976.
15. BSRS stands for ?
= Bangladesh Shilpa Rin Sangstha ( Established on 31 October 1972 ) But now is not existed .
16. BIBM stands for ?
= Bangladesh Institute of Bank Management.
17. What kind of institute BIBM is ?


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