Professors Primary Teachers - Full part (91.00 MB)
Professors Primary Teachers Exam
Primary teacher recruitment test method
Total number 100
Written 80 and verbal 20.
In the written 80's

Math-20 and
General Knowledge and Science-20
In verbal examination 20
Appearance- 5
Smartness - 5
On the results of SSC and HSC - 5 and
Answer to the question - 5
From the 5th to the 10th standard for Bengal, the biographies of famous poets, with Bengali grammar.
English grammar for English
Article, parts of speech, gender, number, ten, voice, spelling, synonym, antonym, and some of the English literatures.
For mathematics
From the 5th to the 10th grade, And for science and general knowledge the science of the 8th grade is enough for the students of the 8th grade.
Some guide suggestions
In the market, in the conventional guide
"Primary Teacher Recruitment Guide" by Professors or Oracle
Job solutions, access to MPs etc. can be used.

Primary teacher recruitment exams like other job exams are quite competitive. So if you do not get ready, you will never be able to survive. Those who have prepared for BSCs and banks will be a little easier, but those who have not read anything, they will not have to wear well, otherwise they will not be able to pass in Pili.
Read the bus without wasting time. Those who have trouble buying books, or have financial problems, take it from here to get a job solution.
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Professors Mental Ability - Full part (14.00 MB)
You have to attention to this subject so that you can get almost all jobs from mental skills. Mental skills are not very difficult to practice a little and try to understand a little bit. If you have questions from this topic during the exam, do not go to the first thing. After doing some other questions, do it. Looking at the time, you can answer all the questions well. 


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