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Covid-19 is the name of a disease caused by Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2)

The Covid-19 pandemic in Bangladesh is one of the worldwide pandemic of corona virus disease. The virus was confirmed to spread in Bangladesh in March 2020. Since then the tally of the number of infected cases and the number of deaths caused by corona virus has been increasing rapidly. The Covid-19 catastrophe has greatly influenced the countries economical,social,national and international concerns.It has also influenced our physical,emotional,mental and social interactions. . . . Anybody becomes victim of Covid-19 when corona virus attacks his body.The virus spreads by various reasons. For example it can spread through coming in contact with the affected person,due to the coughs and sneezes of the affected people,due to air which has corona virus floating in it.It can also causeby touching the contaminated surfaces due to the corona virus. In Bangladesh the number ofpeople affected by corona virus are increasing rapidly. A few reasons why the number is increasing rapidly are lack of proper knowledge and consciousness among the people of Bangladesh about the lethality and the damaging effects of the corona virus.Besides the government cannot implement lockdown and quarantine among the people of Bangladesh due to the careless attitude of the Bengalees and also due to proper planning. . . Another reason behind widespread increase of covid cases is due to lack of proper medications. The number tests done to identify corona cases is still not up to the mark. Again lack of kits,PPE, hospitals that can provide standard treatment to the corona affected people,ICU's are also contributing to the increase of covid cases in Bangladesh. . . . Due to the contamination of corona virus, the number of people affected by it are increasing rapidly. Besides the number of deaths has also increased due to corona condition. Till now as many as 150k people in Bangladesh has been affected by corona virus and more than 1500 people has died. On an average more than 3200 people get infected by corona daily and more than 40 people die in a day due to corona virus.People has become afraid about the lethality of corona virus and are still awaiting a medicine to cure covid crisis. Lockdown and quarantine are implemented by marking the country into differentzones. Fear of death and God has increased within the hearts of people. Special prayers are made for corona cases in mosques, temples,gurudwaras,churches and other holy religious places. People are losing hope rapidly due to corona catastrophe. People are losing their jobs as a result the unemployment rate has increased rapidly. Garment workers, day labourers,businessman and entrepreneurs are getting unemployed rapidly. The materials needed for mills and factories are getting out of reach due to corona crisis. The countries emport andexport facility has been greatly deteriorated. . . The GDP,GNP and the per capita incone of thepeople has decreased greatly. The budget has increased rapidly and a vast part of budget is initiated to fight the corona virus. The schools,colleges and universities are closed sine dine. As a result students are losing their valuable academic times and stuidies. The public universities are on the verge of facing severe session jams due to corona catastrophe. Online classes are introduced to overcome the loss of studies being sufferedthrough the corona virus. In a word corona has damaged the condition of Bangladesh and Bengalees to a great extent. . . . In order to minimize the loss caused by corona virus, the public and the government has to take combined and effective steps. Recently as many as 2000 doctors are recruited from the 39th BCS exam and another 4000 nurses will be recruited to fight the corona crisis .Strict lockdowns should be implemented across the country and people should be encouraged to stay at home unless absolute necessary. Gaps should be maintained among people. Uses of gloves, masks,hand sanitizers and other protective materials should be increased. Strict laws has to be implemented for people to stay at home due to corona cases. More and more tests to identify corona victims has to be increased. Kits, PPE's,ICU's, hospitals that can give standard treatment to corona victims should be increased. . . Corona affected people and people afraid of corona should be given hope and mental stability and tensions must be lessoned by punishing the people who deceive people regarding corona crisis. People has to pray more to God to help us all to withstand corona crisis. People should be trained to live amidst the corona crisis it vanquishes and the threat is gone permanently. . . . Corona crisis has become an unavoidable matter in Bangladesh and in the whole world. Only God knows when the world will be free from the clutches of corona catastrophe. So people must learn to survive and lead their live amidst corona and lead their lives according to that. We should always keep the hope of fighting the corona crisis and live a better life against all odds.


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