How To Include Left Fixed Ads Section For Desktop Preview For Blogger Or Wordpress Site. Please Read full user manual of this code and then try for your website. It's 100% working if you are using at proper way. So, you have to follow our given instructions - 

If you do not have enough knowledge about coding then be sure to read carefully and use the code following the complete guideline otherwise it may not work properly.

Blogger Users:

⚠️ Warning: First of all, make a backup of your Blogger template so that you can use your theme in case of any mistake.

If you use Blogger, follow the guidelines below -

Go To Your Blogger Template Section

Step: 01

Press Ctrl+F > Search For <![CDATA[/ or Find out CSS Section of your blogger template  
Or, you can scroll down from the beginning of your Blogger template and scroll down a bit to actually get the CSS section where you have to put this code.

This is just to make you understand. Read the whole post carefully. Below is the link to download the complete code. You must download it.

Here is blogger template preview. It will help you to put this code - 

Step: 02

Now Again Press Ctrl+F > Search For <div class='post-footer'>

you have to put this code in post footer section.

Here is blogger template preview. It will help you to put this code -

At last press Save Template.

Wordpress Users:

See YouTube search to see where additional CSS codes can be added and how to add html code in post footer section.

Above Script Is Ready To Download
Click here 👇 to Download
Help: Click on the download button and wait until will appear.


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