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NU Honours 4th Year Exam Routine 2021

Honors fourth year Routine for Session 2016-17 (Regular) and Irregular 2013-2014 and 2014-2015. The Routine for the regular, Irregular and improvement Examines. The Honours fourth year Regular, Irregular and improvement examination can begin from twenty nine Gregorian calendar month 2021. letter Honours fourth year test Routine 2021 can Publish before long. The students WHO are promoted by collaborating within the Honours third year examination of 2021 on 2021-2022 school year, they're going to be ready to participate within the fourth year honours Examination of 2021 as regular candidates.


National University Honours fourth Year test Routine 2021 kind Fill-Up Notice. letter Honours fourth Year test Routine 2021 and kind Fill-Up Notice has printed for educational session 2021-2022. National University Honours fourth Year test can begin from twenty ninth Gregorian calendar month 2021. form top off for fourth year Bachelor BA/BSS/BBA/BSc courses 2021 beneath National University (NU) can begin on national holiday, 2021. the shape top off can continue until twenty fourth Gregorian calendar month 2021, Director (Acting) of Bureau of promotion, data and recommendation, Md. Foyjul Karim confirmed this via a promulgation. 



Before aiming to additional Discussion, we tend to ensure That The Honours test can command For 2020 test year. letter honors fourth Year Routine Publish by letter Authority. letter Authority printed Routine at Official website letter.edu.bd. once fourth year Routine are printed, we tend to Update Here. currently Honors fourth Year test 2021 Routine obtainable to transfer. letter Honors fourth year Routine can Publish on Gregorian calendar month 2020. The letter Honors fourth year Routine Publish at Official website letter.edu.bd and you'll be able to transfer letter Honors fourth year Routine kind Our website Examresultbd.com.


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