Responsive Bottom Sticky Footer Ads Widget For Blogger or WordPress

How Set up Sticky Footer Ads For Blogger ?

Here is two alternative way to setup Sticky Footer Ads in Blogger. Way - 01. You can add this code in Blogger via Widget. Way - 02.You can use this code in Blogger Template section.

Recommendation: It must be applied in any one way. In both cases there is a complete digestive tract. But I think the code is better if you use it in the blogger template. Because you often use different widgets, the number of widgets will increase in the layout of your blog.

Suggestion:  First of all, make a backup of your Blogger template so that you can use your theme in case of any mistake.


If you use Blogger, follow the guidelines below -

Bottom Sticky Footer Ads Widget For Blogger

Way - 01:

1. Open Blogger Dashboard
2. Open Layout Page
3. Add New JavaScript Widget
4. Copy complete code from below and paste
5. Save Template

Bottom Sticky Footer Ads in Blogger Template Section

Way - 02:

Go To Your Blogger > Template Section > Edit HTML

1. Copy the CSS code and paste it just above this ]]></b:skin> 

or paste it in the additional CSS section.

2. Copy the HTML code and paste it just above the </body> tag

3. Save Template. It's almost done !

Above Script Is Ready To Download
Click here 👇 to Download
Help: Click on the download button and wait until will appear.

How Set up Sticky Footer Ads For WordPress ?

WordPress has a lot of options to implement the sticky footer Adsense code. You can use the Ad Inserter plugin to show the sticky ad inside the article or put the code inside a “Custom HTML” widget to show it all over the site.

  1. Go To > WordPress Dashboard
  2. Go to Appearance → Widgets → Custom HTML and add it to the sidebar.
  3. Now, put the above code and save it.
  4. Done !

Benefits of Sticky Footer Adsense Ad

When I applied the sticky footer ads in WordPress, I recovered a few earnings.
Increase viewability of Google ads
More Ad earnings
It is possible to personalize it to allow users to dismiss or close advertisements and Keep reading articles.


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