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Star Symbols Name HTML and CSS Code - HTML Symbols, Entities and Codes

Star Symbols HTML Code , CSS Code Name And Description

Need the copyright sign hypertext mark-up language code? Or the degrees Celsius hypertext mark-up language entity? Scroll on for dingbats, circled numbers, script letter hypertext mark-up language codes, the A sign, biohazard sign, alef image, hypertext mark-up language checkmark entity and even a significant black heart. And take a moment to browse Toptal’s skilled designers’ diary, which provides you the lowdown on the terribly latest style trends and news—along with in-depth tutorials and technique posts to assist you master the most recent skills.
Symbol CSS Code Symbol Name
* \002A asterisk
\204E low asterisk
\2051 two asterisks aligned vertically
\2217 asterisk operator
\2722 four teardrop-spoked asterisk
\2723 four balloon-spoked asterisk
\2724 heavy four balloon-spoked asterisk
\2725 four club-spoked asterisk
\2731 heavy asterisk
\2732 open center asterisk
\2733 eight spoked asterisk
\273A sixteen pointed asterisk
\273B teardrop-spoked asterisk
\273C open centre teardrop-spoked asterisk
\273D heavy teardrop-spoked asterisk
\2743 heavy teardrop-spoked pinwheel asterisk
\2749 balloon-spoked asterisk
\274A eight teardrop-spoked propeller asterisk
\274B heavy eight teardrop-spoked propeller asterisk
\29C6 squared asterisk
\A673 slavonic asterisk
\FE61 small asterisk
\FF0A fullwidth asterisk
🞯 \1F7AF light five spoked asterisk
🞰 \1F7B0 medium five spoked asterisk
🞲 \1F7B1 bold five spoked asterisk
🞲 \1F7B2 heavy five spoked asterisk
🞳 \1F7B3 very heavy five spoked asterisk
🞴 \1F7B4 extremely heavy five spoked asterisk
🞵 \1F7B5 light six spoked asterisk
🞶 \1F7B6 medium six spoked asterisk
🞷 \1F7B7 bold six spoked asterisk
🞸 \1F7B8 heavy six spoked asterisk
🞹 \1F7B9 very heavy six spoked asterisk
🞺 \1F7BA extremely heavy six spoked asterisk
🞻 \1F7BB light eight spoked asterisk
🞼 \1F7BC medium eight spoked asterisk
🞾 \1F7BE heavy eight spoked asterisk
🞿 \1F7BF very heavy eight spoked asterisk

Emoji stars Name HTML And CSS Code

Symbol HTML Code CSS Code Symbol Name
✨ \2728 sparkles
⭐ \2B50 white medium star
🌃 🌃 \1F303 night with stars
🌌 🌌 \1F30C milky way
🌟 🌟 \1F31F glowing star
🌠 🌠 \1F320 shooting star
💫 💫 \1F4AB dizzy
🔯 🔯 \1F52F six pointed star with middle dot

Florette Symbol HTML and CSS Code

Symbol HTML Code CSS Code Symbol Name
✾ \273E six petalled black and white florette
✿ \273F black florette
❀ \2740 white florette
❁ \2741 eight petalled outlined black florette
∗ \2217 asterisk operator
≛ \225B star equals
⊛ \229B circled asterisk operator
⋆ \22C6 star operator
⍟ \235F apl functional symbol circle star
⍣ \2363 apl functional symbol star diaeresis

Pentagram Symbol HTML and CSS Code

Symbol HTML Code CSS Code Symbol Name
⛤ \26E4 pentagram, pentalpha, pentangle
⛥ \26E5 right-handed interlaced pentagram
⛦ \26E6 left-handed interlaced pentagram
⛧ \26E7 inverted pentagram

Snowflake Symbol HTML and CSS Code

Symbol HTML Code CSS Code Symbol Name
❄ \2744 snowflake
❅ \2745 tight trifoliate snowflake
❆ \2746 heavy chevron snowflake

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