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রকেট একাউন্ট খোলার নিয়ম - How To Open DBBL Rocket Account ?

Benefits of DBBL Rocket Account

Real time on-line banking
Real time on-line banking, online banking available anytime, anywhere throughout the country. Dutch-Bangla Bank Rocket currently allowing customers with some essential services likes Customer Registration, Cash-in (cash deposit) , Cash-out (cash withdrawal), Mobile Top-up, Person to Person Transfer (P2P) , Foreign Remittance, Salary Disbursement, Balance Inquiry, Bill Payment, Merchant payment.

Access to banking and advanced payment transactions at affordable cost
Dutch-Bangla Bank Rocket makes access to banking and advanced payment transactions at affordable cost from the authorized agent point in anywhere in the country. The service is faster than other forms of banking services and includes the people even of the remote areas.

Convenient and secure way to send money
Dutch-Bangla Bank Rocket is convenient and secure way to send money and It is much safer, speedy and safeguard against fraudulent transactions. Customer's money is safe as no one can withdraw or deposit unwanted money without taking possession of the mobile set, PIN and the check digit all together.

Much more effective in developing savings habit
Dutch-Bangla Bank Rocket is much more effective in developing savings habit.

Cash in: Deposit money safely through money deposit
Cash Out: Withdraw money from any agent point
ATM Withdrawal: Money can also be withdrawn from ATM booths
Mobile Top-up: Mobile can be recharged with Rocket account balance
Send Money: Rocket users can send money to each other
Bank to Rocket: There is a facility to bring money from the bank to the rocket
Bill Payment: Bills can be paid in innumerable cases including electricity, gas in Rocket
Merchant Payment: Shopping at Merchant Points spread across the country can be done through Rocket

How to open a rocket account ?

To open Rocket account by dialing * 322 #

  •     Dial * 322 # from mobile
  •     To activate a rocket account, type 1 and send
  •     You will then be asked to set the PIN of your Rocket account
  •     Write a 4 digit PIN and reply

After completing the above process, the information related to the account will be informed through SMS. This is the first step in opening a rocket account. You will then need to contact the nearest Rocket Agent Point / DBBL Branch / Rocket Office or DBBL Agent with the following documents:

  •     One passport size photo
  •     Photocopy of National Identity Card

You will then be given an account opening form or KYC which must be submitted along with your fingerprint and signature. Then within three to five working days your Rocket account will be activated which will notify you via SMS.

How to open a Rocket account using the Android app ?

If you find the above method troublesome, you can easily open a Rocket account using Rocket app.
To open a rocket account with the app sitting at home

  • First install the Rocket app from Google Play Store or App Store
  • Then you will be asked to select the language, we will select English and press Next
  • Then press Next with your mobile number
  • You are not registered to mobile banking. do you want to register? When you see the text, press Yes
  • Then select the operator of your phone number and press Next
  • Then a call will come to your mobile where you will be asked to set the PIN of your Rocket account. While in the call, press the digits of the pin
  • Note that this PIN will be useful during login, so keep this in mind
  • After setting the PIN, a 6 digit OTP will come
  • Go back to the Rocket app and select Go to Verification Step
  • Then enter the mobile number of your Rocket account, security code received through SMS and Rocket PIN on the displayed page and press Verify
  • Then you will be shown the login page of Rocket account where you can login with phone number and PIN.

You know the rules for opening a rocket account. Now you need to update the KYC of Rocket account from Rocket app. Note that if you do not update KYC, Rocket account will not be active, which means you will not be able to enjoy the benefits of Rocket account.
Rules for updating KYC of Rocket account:

  • Enter the Rocket app and click on UPDATE YOUR KYC
  • When the Terms page appears, press Agree
  • When the instructions appear, press Next
  • Then select Front Side Photo and take a picture of the front of the NID card
  • Then select Back Side Photo, take a picture on the other side of the NID card and press Next
  • Then when all the information obtained from the NID card is displayed, check if it is correct and press Next
  • Select your Gender
  • Select whether you are Married or Unmarried
  • Religion means select religion
  • Occupation means select your profession
  • Then select Purpose of Education to set the usage of the account
  • Then take a selfie if you are asked to take a selfie
  • In case of taking a picture, if you open and close your eyes several times, the picture will go up automatically and then press Next

Once all the above information is provided, your Rocket account will be opened in a few minutes. If you go to the home page of Rocket Account, you will see the bonus balance of opening your Rocket account.

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