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How to update Android phone ?

The same rules apply for phones that use stock Android, i.e. Google Pixel, Motorola, Nokia, etc. Google provides security updates for Pixel phones almost every month. Updates can actually find out through notifications. There is also the option to manually check for updates.

  • To update stock Android powered phones:
  • Enter the phone's settings app
  • Navigate to System Options
  • Then tap on System update
  • Tap on Check for update

If there is an update for your phone, it will be displayed. Download the update by tapping the Download button. After downloading the update on Pixel phones, the update will be installed automatically when you restart the phone. Also tap Install Update after download.

  • To download and install Google Play system update on Pixel device:
  • Enter the phone's settings
  • Enter Security
  • Tap on Google play system update
  • If there is an update, tap the Update button to update.

How to update Samsung phone ?

Software updates are a simple process on Samsung devices. It's worth noting that Samsung phones don't get updates as fast as Pixel devices. To update Android on Samsung phone:

  • Enter the settings
  • Tap on Software Update
  • Updates actually tap on Download
  • Install the update at the end of the download

Note that if there is an update, the change log and download size of the update will be displayed. Updates can be installed after the download. The device will restart during the installation of the update, which may take some time. It usually takes 5 minutes to 10 minutes for the update to be installed.

Most of the time Google Play system updates are installed automatically on Samsung phones. However, it is best to manually check if Google Play Update is installed.

  • To update Google Play system on Samsung phone:
  • Enter the settings
  • Tap on Biometrics and security
  • Then tap on Google Play system update to check for updates

How to update Xiaomi phone ?

Phones of Xiaomi, Redmi and Poco brands are powered by Xiaomi's custom Android operating system, MIUI or MIUI. Updates can be checked on phones of these brands in the same way. To check for updates:

  • Enter the phone's settings
  • Tap on About phone
  • You will see MIUI Version in a banner, tap on it

Taping on the mentioned banner will check if the device system update has arrived. Then if you want to be sure, you can tap on Check for updates. Download the update and after the download, install the update by tapping on Reboot Now.

  • To check Google Play system updates on Xiaomi, Redmi and Poco devices:
  • Enter the phone's settings
  • Tap on Passwords & Security at the bottom
  • Select the Privacy menu
  • Then tap on Google Play system update to find out if the device has been updated

How to update Oppo Android phone ?

Oppo brand phones are powered by Color OS. For a while it was reluctant to provide software updates, but now it is trying to provide regular updates to keep up with the competition. To update your phone:

  • Enter the phone's settings
  • Enter the About device section
  • You will see the ColorOS banner at the top, where the version with build number is mentioned
  • Tapping on this banner will check the software update

If there is an update, you will get the option to download and install it. Although it is easy to find Android updates, it is very difficult to find the menu of Google Play system update on Oppo device, because it is kept in the very last corner of the settings. To update Google Play system of Oppo device:

  • Enter the settings
  • Tap on Password & Security
  • Select System security
  • Tap on Google Play system update
  • Then the update will be checked. Update actually download and install it. You will see the change after restarting the device.

How to update OnePlus phone ?

OnePlus devices powered by Oxygen OS get Android updates almost all the time. OnePlus phones can be updated quite easily. To update OnePlus phone:

  • Enter the phone's settings
  • Enter the System menu
  • Tap on System updates

Then you will see if there is an update pending for your OnePlus device. If there is an update, download and install it. To update Google Play system:

  • Enter the settings
  • Tap on Security & Lock screen
  • Select Google Play system update to check for updates.


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