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100 Most Important Focus writting for Bank Or BCS Exam

১০০টি গুরুপ্তপূর্ন ফোকাস রাইটিং একসাথে দেখে নিন

যেকোনো চাকরির পরীক্ষাতে যান না কেনো পরীক্ষা লিখিত আকারে যখন হবে তখন অবশ্যই একটি বা দুটি ফোকাস রাইটিং থাকবেই । কিন্তু অধিকাংশ ছাত্র ছাত্রীরা তাদের প্রয়োজন মত ফোকাস রাইটিং খুঁজে পায় না । নিচে মোট ১০৬ টি ফোকাস রাইটিং, যেগুলো ব্যাংক, বিসিএস ও অন্যান্য চাকরির পরীক্ষায় বার বার আসে এমন সবগুলোর একটি তালিকা দেওয়া হলো । আপনার প্রয়োজন অনুসারে একটি একটি করে পড়তে পারবেন । এছাড়াও কারো যদি পিডিএফ লাগে সেটা কমেন্টে জানাতে পারেন দেওয়া হবে । 

  1. 5G and Bangladesh
  2. What Is a Balance Sheet ?
  3. Core Banking Solution (CBS)
  4. Dhaka International Trade Fair (DITF)  
  5. Bangladesh Financial Intelligence Unit (BFIU) 
  6. BEPZA | Bangladesh Export Processing Zones Authority
  7. Bangladesh Hi-Tech Park Authority
  8. Social media banking faces a setback
  9. Machine Learning: The game changer of financial industry
  10. St Martin’s Island declared marine protected area  
  11. RCEP: A geopolitical gain for China
  12. The Meaning of the Padma Bridge
  13. Entrepreneurs' perception on Bangladesh business environment
  14. From LIBOR to Risk Free Rate focus writing
  15. How Bangladesh can avoid the : Dutch disease 
  16. Challenges edtech companies facing
  17. Ensure Democracy and Good Governance in all Sectors
  18. We have to Build a Corruption Free Golden Bangladesh
  19. Export promotion & role of trade hubs
  20. Worker shortage a new challenge for RMG
  21. Assessing the performance of LDCs' trade growth focus writing
  22. Country's first printing park gets a new, bigger plan
  23. Forex earnings growing on exports, remittances focus writing
  24. মোবাইল আর্থিক পরিষেবা প্রদান করা হয় সাশ্রয়ী
  25. Bangladesh: Journey towards achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
  26. The Advantages Of Online Learning During Coronavirus
  28. Focus writting - Liquidity crisis: reasons and ways to overcome
  29. Covid-19 Catastrophe in Bangladesh Focus Writting
  30. Major Factors Contributing To Economic Growth
  31. What is Blue-economy ? Write something details about Blue-economy on focus writing
  32. Technology benefits and future challenges in Bangladesh
  33. Focus Writing - Economic growth in Bangladesh and the role of banking sector │The role of Banking Sector to Economic growth in Bangladesh
  34. The Rapid Growth of Agent Banking in Bangladesh
  35. Challenges for our banking sector focus writing
  36. Mega project of Bangladesh Bank or BCS Focus Writing │Bangladesh Mega project Focus Writing
  37. Focus Writing About Impact of Corona virus on SDG
  38. Focus Writing about Green Banking: A Progressive Model For Bangladesh Economy
  39. Focus Writing About Cyber Crimes in Bangladesh
  40. Bank Exam Focus Writing - Banking and usage of fin-tech during Corona│Banking and usage of fintech during corona
  41. The role of agriculture and rural economy in Covid 19
  42. How will the global economic downturn affect the Bangladesh economy ?
  43. Free Hand Writing About our remittance heroes
  44. Focus Writing About The Impact Of Coronavirus On Bangladesh’s Economy
  45. Write About Digitised Banking to Bangladesh perspective
  46. Focus Writing About Mujib Borsho
  47. What is Agent banking ? Write about Agent banking
  48. Free Hand Writing about Agent Banking and Mobile Banking
  49. Write something about Agent banking any Why Agent banking is becoming popular day by day ?
  50. Banking and Financial Technology Use during Covid - 19
  51. The Role Of Banks / Central Banks In Dealing With Corona Focus Writing
  52. Covid - 19 FOCUS WRITING │Coronavirus: Prevention is better than cure
  53. E-Walet Focus writing│E-Walet and Its prospect in BD
  54. The Padma Bridge Or The Padma Bridge and Its Benefits
  55. Misuse of technology - a way out of moral decay (Ways to solve the problem)
  56. স্বপ্নের পদ্মাসেতু ও অর্থনৈতিক উত্তরণ │Sopner Padma Setu Focus Writing │Sopner Padma Setu O Orthonoitik Uttron
  57. প্রযুক্তির অপব্যবহার : নৈতিক অবক্ষয় থেকে উত্তরণের উপায় │Prozuktir Opobabohar Focus Writing
  58. Growth Of Remittances During Covid - 19 Focus Writing
  59. Agent Banking And Mobile Banking Focus writting in Bangla
  60. Agent Banking And Mobile Banking Focus writing
  61. 10 Important Focus writing related To Covid-19 
  62. যেকোনো ব্যাংকের চাকরির পরীক্ষায় আসবেই - Banking Related 10 Important Focus Writing More Collection: এগুলো International Affairs সংক্রান্ত । তাই আপনার যদি প্রয়োজন বলে মনে হয়ে তবে সংগ্রহ করে নিতে পারবেন । সাইটে ভিজিট করুন এগুলো পেয়ে যাবেন ।
  63. What Is Quantitative Easing (QE) ?
  64. What Is Cryptocurrency ?
  65. What Is Electronic Commerce (E-commerce) ?
  66. Zero Population Growth
  67. What Is an Agent Bank ?
  68. What Is Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) ?
  69. What Is a Public Good ?
  70. What Is the Gig Economy ?
  71. What Is a J-Curve ?
  72. What Is a Green Bond ?
  73. What Is Digital Wallet ?
  74. What Is the Money Market ?
  75. What Is Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) ?
  76. What Is Sukuk ?
  77. What Is a Zero-Coupon Bond ?
  78. What Is Financial Inclusion ?
  79. What Is Credit Scoring ?
  80. What Is Intellectual Property ?
  81. What is Call Money ?
  82. How FIFA Makes Money ?
  83. What Is Core Banking Solution (CBS) ? 
  84. What Is the Automated Clearing House (ACH) ? 
  85. What Is Real-Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) ?
  86. What Is the CAMELS Rating System ?
  87. What is Bankruptcy  ?
  88. What is Bear Market ?
  89. What Is Beta ? 
  90. What Is a Bill of Lading ?
  91. What Is Bitcoin Mining ?
  92. What Is a Blockchain ? 
  93. What Is a Bond ? 
  94. Financial Times Stock Exchange Group (FTSE)
  95. What Is a Break-Even Analysis ? 
  96. What Is a Budget ?
  97. What Is a Budget Deficit ?
  98. What Is a Bull Market ?
  99. What Is a Business Cycle ?
  100. What Is Business Ethics ?
  101. What is a Free Market ? 
  102. What Is the Paris Agreement-COP21 ?
  103. What Is a Currency Swap ?
  104. What Is a Liquidity Crisis ? 
  105. What is Digital Nano Banking ?
  106. What Is the Metaverse ?
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