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Bangladesh Hi-Tech Park Authority

What Is Bangladesh Hi-Tech Park Authority ?

Bangladesh Hi-Tech Park Authority has been established under the 'Bangladesh Hi-Tech Park Authority Act-2010' with the objective of creating an investment-friendly environment and creating employment through the development and growth of high-tech industries in the country. Since its inception, the Bangladesh Hi-Tech Park Authority has been working for socio-economic development by establishing Hi-Tech Parks / Software Technology Parks / IT Training and Incubation Centers in different parts of the country to ensure employment of the country's huge youth and create skilled human resources. According to the administrative structure, the managing director of the Bangladesh Hi-Tech Park Authority is the chief executive officer. There is an Executive Committee chaired by the Minister / Minister of State for Information and Communication Technology and a Board of Governors (BOG) chaired by the Hon'ble Prime Minister to oversee and guide the activities of the organization. The head office of Bangladesh HiTech Park Authority is located on the 10th floor of ICT Tower, Agargaon, Dhaka. Bangladesh Hi-Tech Park Authority has set up 28 (eighty) Hi-Tech Parks (HTP) / Software Technology Parks (STP) / IT Training and Incubation Centers across the country. The construction work of 4 (four) parks has already been completed and business activities are going on. Construction work on the remaining parks is underway. Main Functions of Bangladesh Hi-Tech Park Authority: The main responsibility of the Bangladesh Hi-Tech Park Authority is to bring economic prosperity to the country through development of appropriate investment infrastructure and skilled human resources to increase investment and employment in the IT / ITES sector. In a nutshell the functions of the Bangladesh Hi-Tech Park Authority can be identified as follows:  Plan and Implementation of the strategies to create investment infrastructure in Bangladesh.  Proper operation and management of the Hi-Tech Parks established by Bangladesh Hi-Tech Park Authority across the country.  Attract FDI and ensure a world class investment environment in the Hi-Tech / software technology parks located across the country.  Human resource development to ensure IT skilled resources to lead the Hi-tech and software technology sector.  Encouraging development of private STP.  Formulating rules, regulation, guidelines and various fiscal and nonfiscal incentives for investors in the hi-tech sector and hi-tech and software technology parks in the country.  Developing innovation ecosystems and infrastructures to support start-up concepts and companies nationwide.  Implementing the decisions of the Board of Governors, Executive Committee, Digital Task Force and other national committees relating to hi-tech and software technology parks under Bangladesh Hi-Tech Park Authority.

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