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Ensure Democracy and Good Governance in all Sectors

We have already celebrated 50 years of independence. The overall development of the country has been achieved but the question is how much we have been able to ensure democracy and good governance in every sector? However, we all know that it is more important to ensure democracy and good governance to make the overall progress of a country more dynamic. Although this is true, if we could practice proper democracy in the country and ensure good governance in every sector, the country would go a long way. But due to undemocratic behavior and lack of good governance under different governments, we have not been able to ensure the desired development and progress of the country, which is really sad. Basically, we have passed about fifty years since independence but our achievement is the spheres of democracy and development is not noteworthy. Our society with an underdeveloped political cultural and poverty ridden illiterate and incompetent masses is looking democratic political organizations, institutions and practices. However the prospect for a politically developed and economically democracy and progress, nations' march toward a two party system and politicians realization that there is no way but election to capture power. Since her emergence in 1971, Bangladesh is continuously struggling to make herself a democratically development nation. But several political ups and downs like introduction of one party system by Shiekh Mujibur Rahman, Military rule by late Zia and Ershed and irresponsible competition of political parties to capture power have placed the democratic journey of the country at stake. However, the nation has restarted her journey to democracy with over through of Ershed in 1990 but the path is not moisturized still now. 

Among numerous problems the most important and worry some problems may be identified absence of a democratic political culture, absence of the rule of law, lack of political morality, absence of strong civil society & political leadership, confrontational politics, ineffective political institutions, corruption and terrorism, negativity or double standard and lack of tolerance and reciprocity. In spite of numerous problems and obstacles in the run up of democracy and good governance in our country, there are cheers of democracy envisaged in the very process of our politics and governance such as-homogeneous character of the people, mach toward tow party system, Provision of care taker government, people's eagerness for democracy and peaceful transition of power. The following under suggestions deserve special attention for all: 1) Our politician should realize that they have a responsibility to build up the nation and they should pay due respect to people's will and expectations; 2) both the government and opposition should work under democratic norms and instead of confrontation and egoism; 3) attempts should be made to make our parliament as the center of all political activities. Thus, both govt. and opposition should have due respect to parliament norms, values and procedure. In this regard, the speaker must be neutral in playing his role in this parliament; 4) consensus among political parties is a must to fight against corruption and terrorism. Otherwise, all the achievement would be mull and avid; 5) our politicians should be positive in playing their role in polity. They must realize that polities is not a zero sum game rather it is a cooperative business for the greater will being of the nation; 6) our political parties and politicians must work in cooperation with each other instead of opposition for the sake of opposition; and 7) there should have consensus among political parties about national key issues. For this, our politicians must give up their egoism and realize that national interest is more than that of personal, group or party interest. In fine, effort should be continued to make our people politically aware and habituated with democratic norms, values and practices. As a result, the media, civil society and socio-political organizations and institutions must play the pioneering role. On the other hand, good governance has recently become a concerned issue in the world, especially in the third world countries where corruption absence of government and administrative liability and human rights are very common. Send development a country is mostly depends on this term. In 1971 South Korea, Thailand, Bangladesh, Malaysia over in similar economic those countries other Bangladesh have achieved an enormous trade and industrial development. Governance is exercising political power to manager a nations' affair. It is the articulation of relationships between government and the general people. Good governance is a very big concept and in conceptualizing this term honesty, liability, clearness, women empowerment, etc have to attain in consonance with the said governance. Political stability, freedom of association and participation of beneficiaries in planning, a sound judicial system, non-bureaucracy and transparency, democratization, anti-corruption, etc. are the important elements of good governance. On the other hand, the lack of accountability and good governance are the main reasons for corruption. In addition to protecting the nation from corruption, we need change our mentality and also need the honesty, transparency, accountability of political leaders. 

If every officer and employee of the country performs their respective duties with honesty and integrity, in this case, the pay structure of each officer and employee will be changed in line with their needs. All the people will have to raise their enthusiasm to publish accounts of their acquired assets and accountability to their superior authorities, starting from the head of government of the country. This may save the country from some of this horror of corruption. In the continuation of this, maybe the path to good governance in the country can be wide and accessible. If you can implement these works, then the national development may accelerate. It will not be possible to prevent corruption by using laws or pressure only, unless the people can build united movements to prevent it from their respective places. The significance of ordinary people having power is important in any society moving toward democracy. When one examines existing democraticsocieties, one realizes that they have succeeded primarily because they have involved people to help make it work. In short, they have succeeded by giving voice to those who have been voiceless. In Bangladesh good governance is very far from the actual consonance of the term. Factors that can be mostly claimed are corruption, terrorism, intimidation, illegal demand of subscription, inefficient bureaucracy, political interference in administration, nepotism, improper & non-observance of the rule of low, improper use of research and so on. Absence of there so called elements has brought some hindrances related to local or foreign direct investment, entrepreneurship, national income, infrastructural and industrial development, safety, security and many other issues like these. Some measures like formation of intelligence agencies, establishment of ombudsman office, ensuring the rule of low, ensuring accountable administration, local government reformation should have been taken to eradicate various obstacles and for the attainment of good governance in Bangladesh. Absence of democracy & good governance no progress in development is now widely accepted. Because this term includes almost all burning issues. Ensuring good governance with sincere and continuous efforts it is possible to attain sound development in any country.

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