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Computer Function Keys Work Details

F1 – Opens the Help screen for almost every program. 

F2 – Allows you to rename a selected file or folder. 

F3 – Opens a search feature for an application that is active at the moment. 

F4 – Alt + F4 closes the active window. 

F5 – Allows you to refresh or reload the page or document window. 

 F6 – Moves the cursor to the address bar in most Internet browsers. 

F7 – Used to spell check and grammar check a document in Microsoft Apps (e.g. Word).

 F8 – Used to access the boot menu in Windows when turning on the computer. 

F9 – Refreshes a document in Microsoft Word and sends and receives emails in Outlook.

 F10 – Activates the menu bar of an open application. Shift + F10 is the same as right clicking.
F11 – Enters and exits full screen mode in Internet browsers.
F12 – Opens the Save As dialog box in Microsoft Word.

How to download ?
Find Out File Is Ready To Download and below it you will see Click To Download , as soon as you click on it. That will show 30 seconds time you have to wait till the specified time. Once the countdown is over, Download Now ! Button will be visible. By clicking on Download Now !, your desired file will be Downloaded directly from Google Drive.
Why is the download timer given ?
When you download a PDF file 📘 it may take some time before it is ready to download. Within 20 to 30 seconds the file becomes fully downloadable. Most of the download buttons on our site will take 30 seconds before you will not see the download button. It will be written Download Now! Once clicked, the file will start downloading directly from Google Drive.
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