Tuesday , May 30 2023

Banking and Financial Technology Use during Covid – 19

Banks are an important economic driving force of a country and there is no chance for the economy to stay afloat if the banking sector collapses.
So even in this corona epidemic, the banking sector has to be kept active by any means. So even in this corona epidemic, the banking sector has to be kept active by any means.
As a result, bankers and customers are at risk. The way to overcome this problem is to set up a banking system so that on the one hand bankers can offer banking services at home and on the other hand customers can avail banking services at home. Much of the payment can be made sitting at home.

Increased use of debit cards
Almost all banks now have debit card service. All current and savings account customers can get debit card service, through which customers can easily withdraw money from ATMs or make purchases using Point of Sale (POS) and ecommerce.
At present, there are only 90 lakh debit card subscribers as compared to about 80 million account holders. We now have ATM and Point of Sale (POS) networks in all our divisional cities, district towns and mooseball towns. If necessary, with the permission of Bangladesh Bank, in the interest of customers and bankers, at least city and district city account holders can be provided with compulsory debit cards. There are also some discounts when purchasing.

Increase in the number of internet-banking customers
Money can be remitted from one bank to another through internet-banking at home, which can serve a large number of clearing check customers at home.

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