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Business letter by announcing new product

Suppose you are working in a private bank. Write a business letter in English by announcing a new product recently added to the customer service of your bank.

One Bank Ltd.
Panthapath Branch
Our Reference : onbltd/20/PB/2020
Wednesday December 12, 2020.
All Valuable Customers
One Bank Ltd.
Panthapath Branch
Subject: Introducing Our New Product ” School Banking Scheme”.
Dear Sir,
We are extremely pleased to present our new product “School
Banking Scheme”. Now-a-days “School Banking Scheme” is a
wonderful concept. It enables students to save money in a Bank
account without paying any service charges. Under the scheme, any
student aged between 6 to 18 can open an account with just taka 100
as initial deposit, while their parents or guardians will help them to
operate the account. This programme is already gaining popularity
across the country. This unique product will create the opportunity to
the students to build a excellent future. You are invited to receive this
excellent product.
Therefore, you may know the details of this product from the
brochure and our website address We look
forward to receiving your feedback.
Sincerely Yours
( Mitul Rahman)
Branch Manager
One Bank Ltd.
Panthapath, Dhaka-1000.

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