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How to Make a CV with high quality | just follow in 3 steps | it’s help you to get a good job

Make a High Quality CV 

when you will make a cv you should be careful about it . Remember you must give your all of information together to your applied organization.

your bio- data should be short and acceptable.  just think about it.

header : write your name in left side and attached your photo in right side. you have to make your cv as short as possible .

step -2
body: You have to include your all details in body part.  Here included your name, father and mother information name and profession . okey we are giving an example –

application brief : here you can show you key skill , your experience,  expected salary, and something about you. 

academic qualifications : show to them all of your academic qualifications that you have .
training details : if you have done training activity about computers or any other course then show your experience and talk about it.
step -3: 
footer :  make your cv better and simple.  justify our all points and complete your cv according to our given sample
Reference : Give two reference.  use as better as possible. 
Most Common Interview Questions 
Tell me something about yourself

Here Yourself means not your personal life purpose . You must say your name, your education, your previous job and what kind of job do you like most. 
you have to tell about this but shortly.  You must know you don’t have enough time to describe yourself. 
So, what you say, just say shortly but highlight your main speech.
example(basic concept)
Hello my name is ***** and I’m from *****. I have completed BBA and MBA course in Accounting from ***** college under National University . I have joined *** Bank as a sales executive.. ……
Question Bank 
One of the oral examinations of Bangladesh Bank The candidate usually faces four types of questions
To be either-
1) Private questions
2) Academic questions
3) Career related questions
4) Questions about banking and economics
In preparing for oral exams this is the case Separately on four types of subjects Better preparation than focusing on It will be possible to take. So let’s see these four types 
The question might be.
1) Personal questions:
In this section you will find many things about yourself Are sought. For example, what is your name, what is the meaning of the name, Have you got your name done? Is there anyone famous in your name – her Different
questions about the family, some general information, Where is the home of some famous people of their own district? Name, their celebrity, none famous in their own districts Name of something etc. This section is basically verified
How much do you know about yourself, how to Present it.
2) Academic Questions: In this case, from your Graduation Subject Some basic questions will be asked. Four from the board There will be five members. They are your subject Can not be. So answer the academic. questions You have to be careful to do so The board understands your answer well. In this section, you must perform Confidence Show Will be If you can not answer the academic questions, then quite a lot A good number will be lost. Again, in this section If you do good numbers in other parts It is easy.
3) Career related questions: It’s a dangerous part. Why are you in bangladesh
Willing to work with the bank, why are you going to the BCS? No, private
banks are too much salary The question is – Why are not you going to those questions? Try to shuffle you may be. There are many questions beyond: you
What is it now, why was so unemployed, Why will the current job leave, why we are You have to take me, what is there between you? Not among others, you are compared to other candidates How much and how forward, one is better What qualities do you have between being / You feel that there are features, you Here’s how to contribute, etc. Most questions do not have a correct answer. You Whatever you say, just show it.
4) Questions related to banking and economy: There will be quite a straight-forward question in this section. Regarding banking sector and various aspects of the economy There will be questions in this section. Budget, monetary policy, Various aspects of national and global economics, recent
Different Issues, Capital Markets, Foreign Trade, foreign exchange rate, reserve, CRR, SLR, Repo, Inflation etc. Will be questioned from. Again there are various problems How will your approach be solved or you What to think about it-and then be asked For example – a major of our banking system The problem is the defaulter loan of millions of taka. this What is your opinion on solving the problem? How it is It seems possible to bring it to a logical level
Do you? The above questions differ according to their style May not be asked separately. Hold it At the beginning you ask a question from the economy
Unmasked, then your personalized The question is asked about. Then the academic question is asked Again a personal question was asked. So all kind of You are ready to handle the situation The viva will go in front of the board.

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