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How To Protect Google Account丨Ways to protect your google account

Ways to protect your Gmail account or Google Account

Ways to protect your Gmail account Gmail account and Google account is actually the same. Gmail is a Google service. Gmail accounts are used to access most Google services. You can protect the security of your Gmail ID or Gmail account by following the steps below. 

Here are ways to protect your Google Account:

Security check-up
Adding recovery email and phone number
Turn on two-step verification
Use strong passwords
Using updated software, Gmail and Google Apps
Avoid suspicious messages and content
Keep track of recent device activity
Device Review
Third party app access carefully
Security check-up

You can find all the information about the privacy & security of your Gmail account on the security check-up page of Google account. Click here ( to access your Gmail account’s security check-up page.

On the security check-up page you will find all the information related to security about your Google account. The following information can be found on the security check-up page:

  •     Current devices logged in with that Google Account
  •     Recent Security Activities
  •     Third-party access
  •     Saved passwords

Always Use strong passwords

No matter how strong the security of your Gmail account, if your password is predictable, it won’t be a surprise if the account is lost. This password serves as the key to login to any type of account.

Always use strong passwords for any of your accounts, including Gmail. A strong password should contain:

  •     8 or more characters; The more, the better
  •     A combination of uppercase and lowercase letters
  •     Combination of letters and numbers
  •     ! @ #? ] – A very special character like

Refrain from using your name, date of birth, phone number etc. in the password. Most of the time, hackers guess passwords that match the victim’s personal information. Next to the password box when you enter your password is shown how strong the password is.

Also, click on this link to find out if your Gmail account password and other information has been leaked in a data leak. After entering the link, you can provide your email or phone number to know if the given phone number or email and the account attached to it have been leaked to any data breach.

Recovery email and phone number

It is very important to add recovery email or phone number with Gmail ID i.e. Google account. Recovery phone numbers and email addresses can come in handy. If you add a recovery email or phone number to your Gmail account:

    Unbeknownst to you, someone can block you from logging into your Gmail account
    You will receive alerts regarding any suspicious activity in your account
    If you forget your Gmail account password, you can easily recover it

Two-step verification

If someone steals, finds out or hacks your Gmail account password, the two-step verification feature will prevent your account from being hacked. This method basically sends an OTP (one time usable pin code) to the phone number when logging in to the Gmail account, with which to login.

In addition to two-step verification, Google Accounts has some more powerful second layer verification methods. The first is to verify the security key. Another is Google Prompt, which sends alerts to a phone already logged in while logging in to a Google Account. This alert allows you to login only if the user confirms the login.

If none of the security protocols described above are able to meet your needs, then Google’s Advanced Protection Program may come in handy. It provides a higher level of security as well as protects your account from phishing or malicious apps.

Check Recent Security Activities

Every activity of your Gmail account is recorded. As such, all recent security activities are saved. Recent security activity is basically a timeline where information about when and how a security feature has been used is sorted.

Click on this link ( to see recent security activity. Verify the recent security activity information on your Google Account. See unfamiliar activity if you see any suspicious security activity? Click on the text to change the password at that moment.

Avoid suspicious messages and content

There is no benefit in tightening security on your Gmail account unless the security of the device you are using Gmail account on is at stake. Thousands of types of malware can compromise the security of your device and account.

Also, everyone gets a lot of emails every day in Gmail’s inbox. There are a lot of spam or phishing mails in the crowd of mails which if you can identify, don’t forget to report. Fake or spam emails can also be detected by verifying the compatibility between the name of the email sender and the email address.

Avoid any suspicious links to protect the device from malware and malware. Also be careful when downloading apps or software or any other type of content from any site. Only download files from trusted sources.

It is very important for any type of computer to have antivirus software to ensure online security. Avast antivirus software provides online security by blocking access to risky sites for free.

See The Device Review

Knowing and monitoring which devices your Google Account is currently logged into is one of the main ways to ensure account security. Click on this link ( to see the details of the devices that are logged in to your Google Account.

Third party app access

To avoid the hassle of registration, we login to various third party sites and apps using the Sign in with Google feature. However, these third party apps keep a lot of permissions in our Gmail account. Visit this page ( to see a list of third party apps.

Scroll down a bit and click on Manage Third-Party Access under the heading Third-party apps with account access. Then you will get an option called Revoke Access if you select the apps that you do not use or are sitting with unnecessary access. This option can be used to remove access to third party apps.

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