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How to protect Your Google Account ?

Things to do to protect your Google Account

Losing access to your Google or Gmail account can be frustrating and annoying. In that case, you can increase the security of the account in advance, so that the account can be easily recovered if the account password is forgotten or the account is locked.

Recovery phone number and recovery email can be added in advance to recover Google account. Let’s find out how to ensure the security of Google account in advance so that you can easily recover the account if you do not remember the password or locked.

Regular backups your Google Account

Losing access to your Google Account is not a problem if you already have a backup of important account information. Google has the opportunity to download all the data generated in the use of Google Account. You can back up all your Google services or any one service separately, such as Gmail.

The downloaded data file format will depend on the type of data you download. If you only save data for emails, the data will be downloaded in MBOX format. You can later recover emails by uploading MBOX files to Gmail or any email service.

Use the password manager

You can use Password Manager to avoid forgetting your password. But be sure to back up all your passwords to a password manager before forgetting the password. But yes, there is no benefit in saving the Google account password in the same Google account. Some notable password managers are:

LastPass: LastPass is the best free password manager in all respects. Free Password Auditing, Two-Factor Authentication Support, Password Sharing, Built-in Authenticator, etc. are features in LastPass Password Manager. []

Dashlein: Dashlein is an advanced password manager with features like a free VPN, one-click password importer and changer, dark web monitoring and encrypted cloud storage. []

Previous password saving

If you forget your password, Google will use your old password to confirm that you are trying to login to the account. So saving your previous password can be a good thing. So if you change the password, try to save the previous password.

If you forget your password, you may be asked for a previous password in case of recovery. In that case, the previous password can be very useful in recovering the password. Password managers can also be useful for storing all passwords.

Recovery information

Adding enough recovery information to your Google Account in advance can be a great job. If you ever need to verify your identity, you will have the opportunity to choose one of the many ways.

If possible, add multiple ways to verify the account. In this way, if you want to verify the account, you will have multiple options.

Log in to the Google Accounts page and tap on the Security tab. Scroll down to the “Ways we can verify it’s you” section, you will find the option to add ways to verify your account. If you have already added, the recovery email and phone number will be shown here.

You can also see here if you have added the answer to any security question. However, if you tap on this option, you can see the information related to this verification method that does not work anymore.

If one of the mentioned verification methods is not added, then one or more verification methods must be added.

Recovery Email Account

Any type of email other than Gmail can be added as a recovery email. You can also email and edit any of your family or friends as a recovery email. To Add a Recovery Email:

Log in to Google Account settings

Enter the Security tab

Tap on the Recovery email option in the “Ways we can verify it’s you” section

Type recovery email and tap on Verify

Then an 8-digit code will be sent to the email, provide it

If the recovery email is added correctly, you will see a notice related to it

Note that after sending a code in the recovery email, another code cannot be sent before 24 hours

Recovery phone number

Recovery phone numbers like recovery email can also be added as verification method if required. To add recovery phone number

Log in to Google Account settings

Enter the Security tab

Tap on the Recovery email in the “Ways we can verify it’s you” section

Then tap the Add Recovery Phone option and provide the recovery phone number

Complete the recovery phone number verification process by providing the incoming call or SMS code to that number.

Remember when opening an account

If you forget your Google Account password, you may be asked when you opened your account. If you remember this information, you will be able to recover your account quite easily. If you don’t remember when you opened your Google Account, you can use Gmail. By entering Gmail, you can get an idea of ​​when to open an account from which e-mail came first.

Password reset

If all of the above mentioned ways to ensure and remember password security fail, there is no other way but to recover the password. In that case you can reset the password using recovery email.

However, since Google’s security system is already strict, you may be asked to provide your previous password at the beginning. Then provide another email for verification, where the verification code will come. Then a verification code may appear on the phone number, which must be provided. However, if you can’t recover the account in these ways, the Try Again option will come at the end, which is a bit disappointing.

Also, tap on the “Can’t sign into your Google Account” option to see if there is a convenient recovery method. You can try to recover your Google Account password by following any of the methods mentioned above.

So what can be done to protect Google Account and its data? The answer is very simple. Back up the necessary information and add as many recovery methods as possible.

If none of the above mentioned methods work, there is no other option but to open a new Google account. It is very easy to open a Google account, you can easily open an account by knowing the rules of opening a Google account.

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