Tuesday , June 6 2023

iPhone 13 battery backup results

How much battery will the iPhone 13 have ?

Apple has included larger batteries across the iPhone 13 compared to last year’s iPhone 12 series. The company does not provide the battery capacity numbers on its website, but an official filing with a battery registrar has revealed the exact numbers for each model. Interestingly, the iPhone 13 has a larger battery than the Pro model, plus if you are wondering which phone has the biggest battery increase, that would be the iPhone 13 Pro Max. The iPhone 13 mini is also getting a nearly 10% battery boost over the 12 mini. Here are the exact battery capacity on each iPhone 13 model:

iPhone 13 battery life results
iModel    iBattery life (hours:mins)
iPhone 13 Pro Max    12:16
iPhone 12 Pro Max     10:53
iPhone 13 Pro    11:42
iPhone 12 Pro    9:06
iPhone 13     10:33
iPhone 12    8:25
iPhone 13 mini    8:41
iPhone 12 mini    7:28
Samsung Galaxy S21    9:53
Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus    9:50
Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra    11:25
OnePlus 9 Pro    12:48 

Does the iPhone 13 have reverse wireless charging ?

The iPhone 13 does not officially offer a feature called reverse wireless charging. That feature is common on Android flagships where the phone can act as a battery bank and charge up other gadgets like a smartwatch or wireless headphones. The iPhone 13 series cannot do that.

iPhone 13 charger: The iPhone 13 series supports 20W charging, just like the iPhone 12 family. Unfortunately, there is no charger included in the box. The phones only come with a Type C to Type C cable included, but no charging brick.

When the phones are released, we’ll test the batteries of all iPhone 13 models thoroughly and report on any potential battery drain issues.

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