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NU LLB Final Exam Routine 2021 PDF

National University LLB Final Exam Routine 2021 Publish

  • Exam Start Date: 17th November 2021
  • Exam End Date: 07th January 2022
  • Total Marks: 100
  • Exam Start: 8.30am

Exam Date     Subject Name/Subject

  • 19/11/2021     Law of Transfer of property and Intellectual Property – Sub-Code (513101) 1st Paper
  • 26/11/2021     Law of Civil Procedure and Law of Limitation – Sub-Code (513103) 2nd Paper
  • 03/11/2021     Law of Crimes and Criminal Procedure – Sub-Code (513105) 3rd Paper
  • 10/12/2021     Law of Evidence – Sub-Code (513107) 4th Paper
  • 17/12/2021     International Law – Sub-Code (513109) 5th Paper
  • 24/12/2021     Company & Business Laws of Bangladesh – Sub-Code (513111) 6th Paper
  • 31/12/2021     Land Laws, Law of Registration & Public Demand Recovery – Sub-Code (513113) 7th Paper
  • 07/01/2022     Legal Drafting Professional Ethics – Sub-Code (513115) 8th Paper

LLB Final Exam Routine Download

If you’re thinking that it’ll be powerful for you to compile the communication dates from the web site in one place, we’ve got already thought of you. We know, it slow is precious and you may wish to speculate the time in making ready for the exams.

What we’ve got done is arrangement LLB final Routine 2021 as a PDF file. you’ll attend this link to transfer the PDF file of the LLB final Routine 2021.

LLB Final Exam Routine Download

After downloading, you’ll be able to keep it on your computer or movable otherwise you can print it and suspend it on the wall in order that you’ll check the routine whenever it’s required. because the routine isn’t printed nevertheless, we are going to update the PDF file as presently because the routine gets printed.

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