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Real Bank ViVa Experience – 4

(1) Why do you want join banking sector?
(2) What is bank and its features and types?
(3) What is Private Banking?
(4) What is the difference between Nationalized bank and Private Bank ?
(5) What is RBI and Functions of RBI?
(6) What is the difference between NBFCs and Bank?
(7) What is the Use of Computers in a Bank?

(9) What is Sub-prime crisis?
(10) What is FII and FDI? What is the difference between FII and FDI?
(11) What is a Repo Rate?
(12) What is Reverse Repo Rate?
(13) What is CRR Rate?
(14) What is SLR Rate?
(15) What is Bank Rate?
(16) What is Inflation?
(17) What is Deflation?
(18) What is PLR?
(19) What is Deposit Rate?
(20) What is IPO?
(21) What is Disinvestment?
(22) What is Fiscal Deficit?
(23) What is Revenue deficit?
(24) What is GDP & GNP?
(25) What is National Income?
(26) What is Per Capita Income?
(27) What is SEZ?
(28) What is Fiscal Policy?
(29) What is Right to information Act?
(30) What is Cheque?
(31) What is demand Draft?
(32) What is a NBFC?
(33) What is NABARD?
(34) What is SIDBI?
(35) What is SENSEX and NIFTY?
(36) What is SEBI?
(37) What are Mutual funds?
(38) What are non-perfoming assets?
(39) What is Recession?
(40) What is foreign exchange reservers?
(41) What is Customer Relationship Management CRM?
(42) What is dematerialisation ?
(43) What is Bancassurance ?
(44) What is Liquidity Adjustment Facility LAF ?
(45) What is Money Laundering ?

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