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Real Viva Experience – Interviewee

Real Viva Experience  – 1
Post: TSO

Q1: Why your upazila is famous for?
Q2: You have completed your graduation in Mathematics. Why you wanted to be a banker from mathematics background?
Q3 : What you are doing right now?
Q4: How many exam did you attend in banking area? Any pending viva?
Q5: Do you know the basic difference between MTO & TSO?
Q6: If you will get a chance in MTO position, will you pick it?
I said definitely I will grab the better opportunity. and everybody were giggling and said to me to exit Thank you.

Real Viva Experience  – 6 
Post: TSO (2018-2019)
Initial Interview experience
Board 1

1. What’s your name
2. What is your father
3. How may siblings do you have
4. employed or unemployed
5. Single or married
6. Current job salary, funtion
7. যে post e apply korechen ater kaj ki
8. Will you like to go outside of Your city.
9.Do you have any queries related to this position.
You may go now, we will let you know our decision soon.

Bank Real Viva Experience  – 7
Post: TSO (2018-2019)
Board: 4

Me: May i come in sir?
Board: yes
Board: How are you Arif?
Me: ans
Board: where r u from?
Me: ans
Board: Asked some questions on my current job responsibility.
What is the difference between Information and data?
What is Acid test ratio?
If the ratio 2:1 then what it express?
I ans all of these questions

(1) Why do you want join banking sector?
(2) What is bank and its features and types?
(3) What is Private Banking?
(4) What is the difference between Nationalized bank and Private Bank ?
(5) What is RBI and Functions of RBI?
(6) What is the difference between NBFCs and Bank?
(7) What is the Use of Computers in a Bank?
(8) What is recession? What is the cause for the present recession?
(9) What is Sub-prime crisis?
(10) What is FII and FDI? What is the difference between FII and FDI?
(11) What is a Repo Rate?
(12) What is Reverse Repo Rate?
(13) What is CRR Rate?
(14) What is SLR Rate?
(15) What is Bank Rate?
(16) What is Inflation?
(17) What is Deflation?
(18) What is PLR?
(19) What is Deposit Rate?
(20) What is IPO?
(21) What is Disinvestment?
(22) What is Fiscal Deficit?
(23) What is Revenue deficit?
(24) What is GDP & GNP?
(25) What is National Income?
(26) What is Per Capita Income?
(27) What is SEZ?
(28) What is Fiscal Policy?
(29) What is Right to information Act?
(30) What is Cheque?
(31) What is demand Draft?
(32) What is a NBFC?
(33) What is NABARD?
(34) What is SIDBI?
(35) What is SENSEX and NIFTY?
(36) What is SEBI?
(37) What are Mutual funds?
(38) What are non-perfoming assets?
(39) What is Recession?
(40) What is foreign exchange reservers?
(41) What is Customer Relationship Management CRM?
(42) What is dematerialisation ?
(43) What is Bancassurance ?
(44) What is Liquidity Adjustment Facility LAF ?
(45) What is Money Laundering

Real Viva Experience
May I come in sir?

Board: Yes come in, sit down please.
Board: Would you please introduce yourself?
Board: Why did you study in Hon’s?
Board: Tell something about your university campus.
Board: What is your first choice?
Board: What is the difference between local government and local administration?
Board: Who is the chief of a district to keep law and order?
Board: If D.C is the chief, what is the duty of S .P ?
Board: Why did you choose customs as your second choice? Why not English?
Board: (being angry) ok, tell what percent of total revenue is earned from Chittagong sea port.
Board: Who discovered Bangla channel and where it is situated?
(I could not)
Board: Where is English Channel situated and what is its length?
Board: Do you know where Mediterranean Sea is located?
Board: Who is the chief of national parliament?
Board: Tell the name of some books of William Shakespeare which were not included in your academic syllabus.
(I told some books but board argued that these were in syllabus.)
Board: Tell the name of some English authors and their books which were not included in university syllabus.
(as I mentioned Things Fall Apart, they asked me the theme of this book)

Real Viva Experience – 5
Executive Officer
Duration: 10-12 mins

Q. Introduce yourself.
A. I replied in English.

Q. Recite some lines of a poem.
A. I recited few lines from ‘The Ancient Mariner’.

Q. Plz explain it.
A. I explained it as I learned.

Q. How many colours in the logo of our Bank?
A. Sorry sir, I don’t know it.

Q. You have studied in English. Why do u want to choose Banking as your profession?
A. I answered that it was a prestigious job.

Q. Why did you choose English to study, why not BBA or Economics?
A. Sir, it was a prestigious subject! (They all laughed and remarked that you are with all prestige!)

Q. What about your idea about BCS? If you get chance there, will you go?
A. I replied that I tried for BCS heartily and will go if I get Admin cadre! (the answer was not wise, every authority expects that all job seekers will praise their institution and will take their final destination. Dedication ofcourse!)

Q. Will you leave Bank?? What is the attraction of Admin cadre?
A. They have power!

Q. Why do you want to exercise power rather than to serve?
A. I couldn’t answer satisfactorily.

Q. Okay. You may come.
A. Thank you, sir. (That time I was already selected for SJIBL and was desperate to speak the truth rather than what should to say!)

Viva Question – Solution
 1. which Bank account pays little or no interest ?
= Current Account .
2. current Account is also known as ?
= Cheque Account .
3. What is devaluation ?
= Devaluation is a reduction in the value of currency with respect to other monetary units . 4. Le or L/C stands for ?
=- letter of Credit .
5.Letter of Credit is issued by ?
= Importer’s bank.

Viva Question – Solution
6. L/C is a banking instrument used for ?”
= Export- Import.
7. Devaluation is used by a country to —
= Accelerate own export.
8.MoU stands for ?
= Memorandum ofr Understanding .
9.MoU is a legal document agreement describing ?
= A bilateral or multilateral agreement.
10. What is Dividend ‘ ?
= Dividends are payments made by a company to its shareholders.

Viva Question – Solution
11. EVA stands for ?
= Economic Value Added.
12. What is EVA ?
= EVA is the difference between a company’s profit and cost of its capital. 13. NOPAT stands for ?
= Net Operating Profit After Taxes .
14. The smallest component of the money supply is ?
= Currency .
15. What is the most important function of money ?
= Exchange .

Viva Question – Solution
16. The Capital Market is the financial market for ?
= Long-term funding.
17. capital Market is supplied by ?
= Bonds and equity.
18. T-bills means ?
= Treasury bills.
19.Treasury bills mature in ?
= One year or less.
20. Who can buy treasury bills ?
Commercial Bank.
Viva Question – Solution
21. What is ‘Call Money ?
= call money is the money for which repayment can be demanded without notice. 22. The number of workers who are available for work is called ?
= Labor market .
23. E-commerce stands for ?
= Electronic commerce.
24. EDI stands for ?
= Electronic Data interchange .l
25. MNC stands for ?
Multi-National Corporation.

Viva Question – Solution
26. MFN stands for ?
= Most favored Nation.
27. What is MFN ?
= MFN is a country which has the best trade terms .
28.The central authority for tax administration in Bangladesh is
= The National Board of Revenue (NBR )
29. ATM stands for ?
= Automated Teller Machine .
30. PIN stands for ?
= personal Identification Number.

Viva Question – Solution
31. The ATm was invented by ?
= Scot Jhon Shepherd -Barron .
32. What is ‘Exchange Rate ?
= the price of a country’s money is relation to another country’s money . 33. MRP stands for ?
= Manufacturer’s Recommended price / Maximum Retail price.
34. IPO is the term used in ?
Stock market .
35. IPo stands for ?
= Initial public offering .
36. What is IPO ?
= IPO is the first sale of stack by a private company to the public . 37. EFT stands for ?
Electronic Funds Transfer.
38. A system of small loans to the impoverished without requiring collateral is known as ? = Micro-credit.
39. The economy of a whole area or a country is called ?”
= Macro economy.
40. AGM stands for ?
= Annual General Meeting.
Viva Question – Solution
41. AIM stands for ?
= Alternative Investment Market .
42. What is nationalization ?
= the taking over of private industry by the state.
43. MFA stands for ?
= Multi-Fibre Arrangement .
44. MFA goes against the
= WTO rules.
45. The direct exchange of goods or services is known as
= Barter.

Viva Question – Solution
46. LAFTA stands for ?
= Latin American Free Trade Association .
47. HSBC stands for ?
= The Hongkong and shanghai Banking corporation , based in Hong Kong ., 48. NNP stands for ?
= Net National Product.
49. What is NNP ?
= NNP is a figure showing the gross national product less investment on capital goods and depreciation. 50. NIEO stands for ?
=New International Economic Order.
51. what is Matrix ?
= Matrix is the arrangement of data in horizontal and vertical columns. 52. What is ‘Tax ?
= A tax is a financial charge or other levy imposed on an individual or a legal entity by a state or a functional equivalent of a state. 53. Tax has four main purposes or effects:
= redistribution , repricing , representation and revenue.
54. the main purpose of taxation is ?
= Revenue.
55. what kind of tax income tax ?
= Direct tax.

Viva Question – Solution
56. VAT also known as ?
= Goods and Services Tax.
57. Who is the banker of the Government of Bangladesh ?
= Bangladesh bank.
58. The head of Bangladesh Bank is ?
=Governor .
59. The Governor of Bangladesh Bank is ?
= Mr.Fazle Kabir ( 11th)
60. Bangladesh Bank took effect on ?
=16 December 1971 .
61. Bangladesh bank came into existence under ?
= The Bangladesh Bank Order 1972 .
62. Which bank was transfered to Bangladesh Bank ?
= State Bank of Pakistan .
63. Who was the first Governor of Bangladesh Bank ?
= ANM Hamidullah .

Viva Question – Solution
64. who controls Bangladesh ?
= Ministry of Finance.
65. Which Ministry controls banking sector in Bangladesh ?
= Ministry of Finance.
66. One and Two taka note issued by ?
= the secretary of Finance.
67. Minimum taxable income in Bangladesh is ?
= 250000 taka.
68. ICB stands for ?
= Investment Corporation of Bangladesh.

Viva Question – Solution
69. ICB was established ?
= On 1 October 1976.
70. BSRS stands for ?
= Bangladesh Shilpa Rin Sangstha ( Established on 31 October 1972 ) But now is not existed .
71. BIBM stands for ?
= Bangladesh Institute of Bank Management.
72. What kind of institute BIBM is ?
= BIBM is a specialized t

Viva Question – Solution
What is Scheduled Bank?
Scheduled bank is a bank which, by notification in the official gazette, is declared as scheduled bank by Bangladesh Bank according to Article 36(2) of Bangladesh Bank Order, 1972.

In Bangladesh Bank website, scheduled bank and non-scheduled bank are defined as under1:

Scheduled Banks: The banks which get license to operate under Bank Company Act, 1991 are termed as Scheduled Banks.

Non-Scheduled Banks:
The banks which are established for special and definite objective and operate under the acts that are enacted for meeting up those objectives, are termed as Non-Scheduled Banks. These banks cannot perform all functions of scheduled banks.

Criteria for a Scheduled Bank:
Bangladesh Bank may declare any bank to be scheduled bank under Article 36(2) of Bangladesh Bank Order, 1972 which is carrying on the business of banking in Bangladesh and which-

is a banking company, or a co-operative bank, or a corporation or a company incorporated by or established under any law in force in any place in or outside Bangladesh;

has a paid-up capital and reserves of an aggregate value of an amount not less than that required to be maintained under ধারা ১৩ of ব্যাংক কোম্পানী আইন, ১৯৯১ : Provided that in the case of a co-operative bank, an exception may be made by the Bangladesh Bank;

It is mentionable that Bangladesh Bank, being empowered by the provisio under section 13(2) of the Banking Companies Act, 1991 and in consultation with the Government, through the notification no. BRPD(R ‐ 1)717/2008 ‐ 511 dated August 12, 2008 has refixed that the minimum Paid-up Capital and Reserve Fund of banking companies shall be Taka 400 crore, of which the paid-up capital shall be not less than Taka 200 crore.2

satisfies the Bangladesh Bank that its affairs are not being conducted in a manner detrimental to the interests of its depositors;

Number of Scheduled Bank:
There are 58 scheduled banks 3 in Bangladesh who operate under full control and supervision of Bangladesh Bank which is empowered to do so through Bangladesh Bank Order, 1972 and Bank Company Act, 1991. Scheduled Banks are classified into following types:

State Owned Commercial Banks (SOCBs): There are 6 SOCBs which are fully or mostly owned by the Government of Bangladesh. (In 2015, Government decided to treat BASIC Bank and BDBL as SOCB. )

Specialized Banks (SDBs): 3 specialized banks are now operating which were established for specific objectives like agricultural development. These banks are also fully or mostly owned by the Government of Bangladesh. Probashi Kallyan Bank is the latest specialized scheduled bank4.

Private Commercial Banks (PCBs): There are 40 private commercial banks which are mostly owned by the private entities. PCBs can be categorized into two groups:

Conventional PCBs: 32 conventional PCBs are now operating in the industry. They perform the banking functions in conventional fashion i.e interest based operations.

ii) Islami Shariah based PCBs: There are 8 Islami Shariah based PCBs in Bangladesh and they execute banking activities according to Islami Shariah based principles i.e. Profit-Loss Sharing (PLS) mode.
The list of Islamic banks
Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited
ICB Islamic Bank Limited
Al‐Arafah Islami Bank Limited
Social Islami Bank Limited
Export Import Bank of Bangladesh Limited
First Security Islami Bank Limited
Shahjalal Islami Bank Limited
Union Bank Limited

Foreign Commercial Banks (FCBs): 9 FCBs are operating in Bangladesh as the branches of the banks which are incorporated in abroad.

Number of Non-scheduled Bank:
There are some non-scheduled banks in Bangladesh. Some of them are:

Ansar VDP Unnayan Bank
Karmashangosthan Bank
Jubilee Bank

Bank Real Viva Experience – 6
Q: What’s up? How are you doing?
A: Not bad, little tensed. (With a smart smile)

Q: Tell us something about you.
A: “Thanks. Actually currently I am working in a Call Center. I have been working there for last 1.5 years. Even I have been awarded for becoming the best agent in the whole company. I am very thankful to the company. Before working there I worked in two more companies. And about my educational background, though my result is not very good but I was the quick learner in my school and college. My teachers were very pleased on me …”

Q: What is plastic money?
A: plastic money is the Generic term for all types of bank cards, credit cards, debit cards, smart cards, etc.

Q: What is the earning source of a Bank?
A: Fees and Commission, Interest, Consultancy, Investments and others bank related incomes.

Q: What are the differences between debit card and credit card?
A: Debit cards allow bank customers to spend money that they have by drawing on funds that they deposited with the card provider. Credit cards allow consumers to borrow money from the card issuer up to a certain limit in order to purchase items or withdraw cash.

Q: Why we should hire you?
A: I found myself bored with the work and looking for more challenges. I am an excellent employee and I didn’t want my unhappiness to have any impact on the job I was doing for my employer.

Q: How much would you like to take as salary?
A: I think it would be 50 thousand plus.

Q: Why would we pay you high?
A: I think my experiences and educational background help to do my everyday duties. I also think that my output is very high than paying salary.

Board: OK, Mr. ……. We will contact with you if you select.

Viva Experience: BB AD (General)
Major: Management
Board: ED Sayedur Rahman Sir
Firstly, Discussed about personal issues.
Q- Role of Bangladesh bank
Q- Define Moneytary & Fiscal policy. How does moneytary policy helps govt. Fiscal policy?
Q- What are the initiatives govt. taken to reduce unemployment and what is your recommendation?
Q- What are the amendments of Bank Company act 1991?
Q- key difference between Manager & Leader.
Q- Managers role in an organization.
Q- Scientific Management principles. Examples of how scientific management tools are used in organisations.
Q- What does BFIU do?

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