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The Best Photo Background Remover Apps

Background Eraser – Remove Background

This free background changing app is very easy to use. Most of the features of the app can be used for free. The app has the feature to remove the background of the image using AI Cutout. There is also the facility to remove the background by drawing the selection next to the default shape or subject given in the app.

Using the app, new images can be saved as a transparent PNG file without background. As a result, the saved file can be easily used as a sticker in WhatsApp or in Photo Montage.

This app has the option to remove the background as well as add the background Users can use solid color as background if they want. There is also the opportunity to use any picture from mobile or various graphics and photo backgrounds provided in the app. Although most of the backgrounds in the app are free, more backgrounds will be available in the Pro version.

The app also allows you to use crop tools to match social media photo sizes. This means that if you want a picture you have created, you can post it on Instagram or use it as a thumbnail of a YouTube video. You can download the Android app from the link given in the title or from this link. You can use the app provided at this link for iPhone.

Download For Android

Download For iPhone

Background Eraser Apps Download

Using this app, you can easily create a transparent photo by removing the photo background. The feature of removing the photo background of this app is very useful for creating photo collages.

There are options to remove photo backgrounds in multiple ways using the background eraser app. The first is the option to remove the background via manual touch. Then the background can be removed through specific area selection with the help of Leso Erase. There are also auto erasers that automatically delete similar pixels.

Any other part including forgotten removed background can be easily restored through restore. There are also basic tools like undo, redo and zoom.

This app has the facility to add text and stickers to the edited image. There is also the opportunity to save pictures on the phone or upload them directly to social media. IPhone users can download this app as an alternative.

This app can automatically cut any subject from photos. However, the app easily completes the task of cutting the subject from the photo by confirming whether the subject is a person or an object before cutting.

Once the background is removed, you can do whatever you want with that image using your creativity. Background Removed You can change the background of the image as you wish.

Using the app, you can save the background cutout of the image as well as give strokes to the image. The app also has the facility to edit the image or add text as you wish using shadow and built-in editors.

Adobe Photoshop Mix – Cut-out, Combine, Create

If you want to buy Photoshop for computer, you can use this app of Photoshop for mobile (there are some more) completely free. You need to use Adobe’s apps, including Photoshop, on your mobile with an Adobe account that can be created for free.

Adobe Photoshop Mix is ​​not just an app to remove or change a photo background. Using this app, you can work with images in the form of layers like Photoshop on a computer.

Adobe Photoshop Mix Download

A photo can be combined with another photo in multiple ways. If you want to use this app, you can cut through the subject selection of the image and put it in another image. There is also the advantage of doing the same thing with the classic background removal. Since each image is added as a layer, editing or blending is much easier.

In addition to basic photo editing using Adobe Photoshop Mix (Android App Link), there is a feature to add different FX look to the image to make it more beautiful. No matter how much you edit a photo, the app always keeps the original file of your photo intact.

If your field of work is a wider range of photo backgrounds as well as removal and change, Adobe Photoshop Mix will definitely be on the list of names of your favorite photo editors. You can use Photoshop Express Photo Editor for iPhone by downloading from this link.

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